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I've been living by myself for 4 months now and at the beginning I was responsible and would do all house and college tasks as they would appear. Now that my exams have started I have been having a really hard time concentrating. Yesterday i've spent the most part of the day daydreaming, sleeping and going back to daydream even though I knew I had a really hard and important test today.

The test is 1 hour and 20 minutes from now and I still havent been able to focus to learn anything about it.

Last night I promised myself  that I it would be the last day I would daydream and today i'd wake up earlier and make it up as much as I could for yesterday. None of it happened.

I woke up and started daydreaming

I went to facebook to check if there was anything new and I promised myself I would go and study.

I went back to daydreaming.

And so  on ..... 

I've been trying to understand daydreaming behaviors as much as everyone here i guess. And I have the opinion that in some point daydreaming is like being addicted. It's like a drug. 

I know i'm anxious and probably that's why so much MDD but damn .... it sucks.... because the longer I daydream the weaker a few to do whatever I KNOW I NEED TO DO... 

the longer I keep without studying and everything, the more behind I feel... like, how am i going reach where I was suppose to be in studies and other stuff? ...

and there is this laziness that prevents me of being strong enough to make my brain stop daydreaming. 

I keep asking myself: I AM INTELLIGENT. I KNOW I shouldn't be wasting my time with this, that it's not going to be good for my near future goals, so WHY THE F..... I keep doing this???

 I need to get my strength back .... 

sorry for this, guys.... It's just that i needed to say this to anyone...

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