Hey i'm Ava, I'm turning 18 this year and i believe I have been suffering from MaDD for about 6 years but looking back further I can see some early instances that were most likely of a MaDD nature.

MaDD has affected me in a way i've never thought anything could. I think I only truly understood the extent of this illness when I was 13/14 and basically failing school due to not being able to focus for 10 minutes without falling into a daydream. From age 15/16? onwards i have been able to take ahold of the illness a bit more and control it better but I still have good and bad days.

My main triggers are: the names of my paras (super annoying), music and any media rlly (tv, films, books). But it can honestly happen at anytime. 

I find myself walking around, acting out scenes and redoing them 50 times over, constantly talking to the 'paras' around me - even when i'm with other people or just walking down the street, and the classic - staring at a wall for 3 hours.

After deleting all my other blog posts on here which were written by a very sad and emotional 15 yr old who needed an outlet I'm trying to start fresh with this post and hopefully figure out how to control my MaDD entirely.

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