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curing MD: personal notes from a fellow traveler

Fellow MD’ers,
Recently I’ve been contemplating a bit on my personal context of MD. I kinda analyzed it, and realized it might help others to share my experience or it might help me getting feedback on my case. So.. I’ll just briefly start with my story. I have Md since childhood. Maybe it originated from the rather troubled family I grew up in, with parents that spent most of their time in their head and not communicating with each other. I just remember I was already having…

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MD: what's the key to de-obsessing your mind?

hi all,

just discovered I very probably have MD, I just meet all the requirements, the obsessive fantasizing, being a hero, doing grand things for humanity, etc, etc... when I look at it from a distance (in one of those rare moments....) I think my thinking is actually very obsessed with 

a) myself: my desires, frustrations, angers, irriatation

b) the future: always seeing a bright future full of succes, money, stardom , etc, etc

well the thing is, I really have…


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