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I told someone about my MD and here are the results:

I told one of the guys in my college class about my MD. Before I told him, I had to watch how he reacted to similar things and he reacted just fine. When I told him, he was very supporting and even recommended me to his teacher/ therapist. I really wanted someone professional to talk to so tomorrow me and his teacher/therapist are going to talk about my MD.

Before you talk to anyone close about your MD, watch them react to different types of situations before even considering…


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I want to tell my parents..but

I not sure if I should even bother.........I want to tell someone close to me...but................I don't know....................its hard to be open like that to someone.......... someone so close to you...........then I imagine how it would play out.............and then......they would slowly......leave me.............

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Driving with MD and ADHD

One of the scariest things I am doing now. I am 19, suck at driving, and my ADHD and MD doesn't help me either.


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So ironic...

This site is helping me a lot........but I have been trying to do my essay assignment for over a couple of hours now....and I wrote a sentence.....and then my mind is like "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" "what assignmet?"

Then after my brain is done being stupid I switch to my assignment and there is that one sentence.

5 page sentence....thanks mind... :(

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my "other world"

In my "other world" as I call it, I am the leader of the world known as an Alpha. I am strong, beautiful, courageous and i am not even human there. I am a human who can shift into a wolf. But I am also the dangerous type of shifter called a "beast". My world is full of forest, magical beings and impossible things. Every mythical creature that I know about exist here. They live among humans and they either coexist or hurt them. (Right now, I am just scratching the…


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