I allways wondered why people liked good looking people. I think it is only because of sex. I guess this is a good place to ask these questions.
1.why do we usually like good looking people?
2.is sex important for love?
3.what the hell is love?
Dont get me wrong guys,i am asking these here cause this is the only place i can talk openely.
Besides,the group says . "feel free to discuss whatever you want"
;> ;> ;) ;)

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1. This is perhaps one of the hottest topics among evolutionary psychologists, biologists, and sociologists. You're right that sex (or mate selection) plays a big part of it, but there's so much more to it, like symmetry, body shape,  social influence, cultural influence, survival... Heck, even the way that people move or walk. Then there's gender differences. Interesting stuff!!

2. Not necessarily. Sure, sex is intimate and brings people closer, but even asexual people (people not interested in sex) can have loving relationships. It just depends on the couple if sex is important or not.

3. Well, you stumped me there... I have no idea!

1. Well there is no exact answer for this. I mean with preferences, your definition of good looking might be ugly to me.  Looks are though something that usually gets your attention first off when meeting someone. So I believe looks are more likely to get you to pay attention to them and what they are saying. Then I guess it just goes from there. Does that make sense?

2.  Well as much as I would love to no, it's not true unless you're asexual or it's a short relationship that won't last. Sex is just this really intimate thing where I guess you can just bond by doing something that involves pretty much a emotional and psychical bond so you can please each other. If that is makes sense? Now how important it is depends on the couple like Laila said. 

3. Love is well it's hard to explain. I mean it starts with an L ends with an E and has a OV in the middle. Seriously though, love can;t be explained exactly. (Warning cheesiness ahead.) All I can say is love, true love knows no boundary.  It is emotionally, psychically, and spiritually. All these create a lasting relationship that is just easy to break, but always last no matter how many cracks it has in it. It just manages to stay together against all odds.

Darwin is why we like hotties. Attraction is for procreation and if the fittest survive, you want your offspring be in the position and you do this by doing it with hotties. People that look good are generally in good health. (I'm talking about primitive days, when our habits were, being molded to, survive saber tooth tigers and extreme cold, and etc), if you are taller, you can reach higher to get more fruit off the tree, if you are stronger you can run away from the saber tooth tiger faster. You, inherently, want to give your offspring a better chance of reaching sexual maturity, to procreate and further populate the world. And this is in no way saying anything weird about lgbt's, simply talking about genetics.

I think it's in our nature to admire anything that is perfect.  So whatever we determine to be beautiful (which changes with time, place, maturity,...) appeals to us.  Even when we focus on "inner beauty", we're still chasing what we consider to be perfect.

Is sex important for love?  It's probably a door for love, a big one!  But it's only one of the doors!


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