I daydream all the time when i working, at school, and specially when iam at my house alone. When i daydream however i do not appear to be zone out or in in other world. I asked i friend at work how i look while working and she said i look normal even though i daydream during work. So i can be daydreaming while still moving, talking to other people, and be functional. How about you guys, when do you daydream and how?

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I daydream in bed at night, when I am walking somewhere, I used to daydream through classes at school, when listening to music, doing chores, when getting dressed in the morning, when I wake up but haven't managed to get out of bed yet because the bed is warm and the room is colder.....

I find it difficult while going to sleep at night but it happens automatically when i wake up and its not urgent to get up as during weekends. It can go on for hours

It does not stop. It is always happening pretty much, though when I'm really social it'll pop in and out. Sometimes when I'm active though, it isn't very elaborate, but like say I'm grocery shopping, often characters from my daydream are tagging along while I do so and I'm interacting with them. I always talk to them when driving too. I'm in class and they're next to me, we do homework together.
I'm the same way, I can look totally normal and down-to-earth when daydreaming. The times I space out, I'm actually lost in the past. That I wish I could control more than I wish I could my MDD cause it sucks more at least to me. 

I used to do that when I was younger. My daydream was me in the real world, but with a few extra siblings. I imagined that the daydream siblings (especially my triplet sisters) were with me everywhere-in school (I even used to sit alone so they could sit with me), when I was at home, when out with family...

Nowadays, they do not live exactly in this world, its pretty much this world in everything but the timeline, but my character lives in a different town to me. She wouldn't visit the places I do, except for her getting married in the beautiful seaside town my family is from, and the nearest city between both of our towns.


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