One day I'll wake up
and I'll have a fresh cut
and my skin will be clear
and I would've slept last night
and the week before
and my body will be buff
because I worked out the year before
and my voice will have volume
and enthusiasm


One day I'll wake up
and I'll have delusions of persecution
and I'll ignore them
I'll tell myself to stop daydreaming
and only lose thirty seconds of my time


One day I'll wake up
and be myself on a good day
and call the friends I need to
and let go of the ones I need to
before I get burned


One day I'll wake up
and I'll introduce myself with ease
and have enthusisam in my voice
and give firm handshakes
and a welcoming grin


One day I'll wake up
and have the courage to speak to anyone
and realise most people are friendly
and not out to persecute me
and know that a few are mean
and to let them ruin my outlook on life
makes me weak and keeps them strong


One day I'll wake up
and remember my talents
and my great moments,
but also how normal I am
and how many people I've related to
that don't look like me or have my exact experiences


One day I'll wake up
to enjoy everything God labored to create
and to thank him for working on me
to get me where I deserve to be
fully conscious

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We can still wake up.
Hopefully one day, I can wake up too.


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