Hi when i dream i usually dream that iam talking to somebody about my feeling, i also dream about me being thia important person who everybody looks up to. Recently i think about too many scenarios and iam constantly jumping from scenario to the next. Sometimes it feel like i do not have control of what i dreaming anymore. I also start to get nervous and worry when i can control my thinking. Does anybody experience something similar to this?

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That sounds a lot like what I've been experiencing lately. Try gradually cutting back on how much you daydream. I've found that the more I daydream, the less control I have.
I have talked with some friends about it and it calm me down a bit. I still daydream but iam not so worry as before. I have been trying to reduce my daydreaming but at times it seen impossible to stop since i have always done that. Knowing that i not the only one who does this really helps


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