Hello everybody i'm a 23 years old who have always have created images in my mind for as long as i can remember. It never got un the way of my daily life and i didnt do it very often. In the pass year i been thinking more about scenarios in my head. The scenarios includw events in the past, future, and some other scenarios that i like to create.
As i mentiones i didnt see this aa a problem until one day i noticed that i was thinking all the time, and when i try to stop i would freak out. Lately sometimes i feel like i losing my mind because i think too much and sometime i feell like i lossing touch with reality. At times i feel like im sleep walking or something like that. For example, when i with a friend my body is there, i see them, i hear them and i talk to them, but my mind is somewhere else and at times im wandering if the event is realy hapenning or i just imaging it. I get nervous and i start chaking and inside it feel like i about to break but i calm myself. Lately is being harder to calm myself down. And i constantly wondering is i feel thia way because i am nerveous and not been sleeping well or iam really losing what is real and what is not. As i writting this, one part of me knows that this is hapenning, but the other part cannot accept it. My question is, is this part of MD or could it be a more serious conditiona like i going crazy or something?

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I don't know...could you maybe be a bit more specific? If you're really concerned about it you should see a doctor.
Well in the pass year i been worry about me been sick, first i thought i was having heart problems, which i dont, but ever since then i have more worry and everything pain that i get i think the worse. So my daydreaming has increased and when i noticed that i was living most of my life in a daydream i started to worry about me being crazy. Finding that there are more people like me and that those people are able to have good lifes even when they daydream has relaxed me a bit. I have a doctors appoinment in a couple of week and at first i was going to discuss my problem of daydreamig with him because i was freaking out about me being crazy that was all that i was thinking all the time. Now i thinking of trying to deal with my daydreaming by being more active and talk with people that i care about my situation. Thanks for replying to my post it makes me feel like iam not alone.


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