So I’m new to this website and know that I definitely have MD, I’ll go on for a while doing nothing but daydreaming which ends up getting in the way of life. Many times I prefer daydreaming over reality, and I have taking some events in my daydreaming and act as if they were in reality. So I have a few questions for anyone that is willing to answer. I’m sure people have done surveys before but I am studying right now to be a bioengineer and want to look at genetic side of MD.

1. Are you left handed?

                 -left hander’s are thought to be more creative and artistic than right hander’s

2. Do you have symptoms of ADD?

                -ADD causes the mind to wander, hence lots of daydreaming

3. Do you have symptoms of OCD?

                -OCD will cause you to have intrusive thoughts about people, possibly closing you up to the outside world

4. Can you take this personality quiz? Its only four questions long

-scroll a third of the way down to reach the quiz

-this link explains each personality type so you can see what your type means


Thanks for the help! Ill post results as soon as I get enough and I figure out the data, thanks again! Also Ill post my answers right away!

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1. yes

2.yes, my mind commonly wanders, usually into a daydream haha

3. no


1. right-handed

2. no

3. no


1. No

2. A little i suppose

3. yes


Are you left handed?

I am ambidextrous.

Do you have symptoms of ADD?

Some, yes.

Do you have symptoms of OCD?

Not so much.  Some very few/light symptoms when young and fully eradicated for many years now.


Personality quiz.

INFP I feel that a 4 question test is to simplistic and misleading. Full results available if you ever delve that deeply.

Dissociative symptoms?


1. No

2. A little

3. I have a few little rituals, nothing I'd really class as OCD though


1. right handed

2. no



1 No, I'm a rightie

2 I don't think so. Technically what we do is fantasize, not daydream, which are different, but no I don't

3 I think I do, but if I do, only very minor. I realize a lot of people get annoyed by some things like the wall plug, when nothing's plugged in but the switch is 'on', but though I can get annoyed at that, if I focus on something else (like fixing the crooked desks. If it's really crooked, I won't bother, if it's only a little, I will. Weird.) I can forget about it. Plus I have the doubting thing, I'm not sure whether I've done stuff properly. I go to Dad's every fortnight weekend and every single time, I think I've forgotten to pack something, and check, and recheck, and ask Mum what I've forgotten etc. Plus when at Dad's, I'm never sure if I put the key in my pocket unless I'm either touching the keys or thinking for a while "I have the keys in my pocket, and I know I do because I just checked and I don't need to check again because they're already in my poket so there's no point in checking." Type of thing. Sorry, that was a bit long.

4 This is kinda hard to do, because I'm sometimes one and sometimes the other for number 2 (Sensing/iNtuitive)

And Q3, I'm a thinking person except that I also very much dislike conflict, which is in feeling.

And the last one, mostly I'm Judging, but I do often randomly half-plan stuff a few hours before it happens.

Number 2 is really hard*, so I (s/n) T J

*Yupp, just to make it harder. I do that a lot. I think I'm just too picky meticulous about some things, and mostly avoid generalising  things, and I usually like to go into detail. So, yeah.


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