When I was a little girl I never thought that the daydreams I would be experiening could later bring me to bigger problems. I really thought I was alone with this up until recently. I wasn’t aware of MD and when I researched more about it I really thought I was crazy. Until I found others just like me. I have been struggling with depression, anxiety, and OCD since I was a little girl and here I am 21 years old with the same thoughts and feelings and my daydreams have gone from happy to depressive since I was in high school and I feel like nothing is ever going to really change. I can’t live my entire rest of my life with this feeling.

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I’m in a similar situation, same age and same disorders. I don’t really know what to say to help. Are you seeing a therapist and/or psychiatrist? Lately I’ve been trying to just let myself feel every negative emotion without trying to suppress it with distractions. It’s extremely hard but it can be helpful.

I used to suffer feelings of depression and anxiety in my youth. Now at 32, I feel no need to feel so upset, but still deal with anxiety, especially when stressed out. I do feel as if I missed out on life when day dreaming, and am starting to regret it. Do talk to a psychiatrist or therapist and get some help. You shouldn't suffer in silence. Honestly, I suffer every day and nobody knows it.

My day dreams are all over the place. Sometimes they're fun. Sometimes they're future worries, sometimes it's reliving "what could have been". Best of luck to you! Seconding the sentiment about trying to find a therapist. You aren't alone!

Daydreaming filled me with butterflies, fun thrills and hopes when I was a young kid. It actually convinced me that I'll get what I want. I believed that I will win over a lot of people too.
Now that I'm an adult, it's turned against me in a way it effected my whole life and my health. I could have had many things and several relationships if I hadn't started. I had no idea that day dreaming is a problem to most people who don't do it. To them, your an 'air head' or a 'zoner' who doesn't live a normal life, and you don't have it great.

Hi.  You must search a doctor.   I use Escitalopram, and help me a lot with MD.


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