Does this happen with any of you? Some times I just want to take revenge from a person to whom I had given priority in his/ her tough situation; but he/she dumped me whenever I was expecting them. It takes me to world of DD where I imagine- I am teaching a lesson to bastard! Well, though  I can hold  my thoughts after a little time; sometimes I feel - I don't want to feel like this again. I just want to forget those who hurt me !

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I used to daydream about getting even with my bullies, but when I did that, all the repressed emotions boil to the surface and I end up getting angrier and almost losing control over my mind. I don't like daydreaming about real life bullies for this reason.

Nowadays, I mostly daydream about fictional characters that don't exist in real life.

I kind of do this, not really in the way of actively hurting that person but I do love a good fantasy about a person from my past seeing me become more successful then them. For example, maybe I will imagine myself as the lead singer of my favourite band and that person just happens to show up to one of my gigs and is blowen away by how awsome I am. They then try and reconnect with me after the show and I treat them polietly but with indifference and see their little faces crumble with regret.  But I agree, it is probably something best not done because how can we truely heal from the hurt if they are still so alive in our minds.

I agree with you Charm, we need to stop thinking about them, which is really tough to do.  Move ahead is really tough when you trully love someone and they hurt you, because we never expected that, someday they will hurt us.


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