Hello everyone! 

I´m new to the forum and i would like to apologize in advance if my english is not the best, i´m not a native speaker. 

I started daydreaming when i was around 8 -i´m 26 now-, and have always put music on and proceed to  actually *act* my daydreams (laughing while writing this because this is the first time i talk about it), i usually do it alone in my room or when there is no one else in my home. 

I´m well aware this is not a typical behaviour and i can separate my real life from my daydreams but these make me enjoy my life so much less, i usually imagine i´m this beautiful princess (lol) with lots of guys wanting to be with me... 

Is there a way to stop? I´m too embarassed to talk about this in theraphy. 

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I have done that, actually acting out a daydream while it is going on. I only ever did that when I was still a minor. It has rarely, if ever, happened since becoming an adult. When I do this I do it ONLY when I am alone. Never when other people are around. The physical movements associated with daydreaming sometimes pop up when I am in public, but I do my best to control them when I am not in my "safe space" for daydreaming.

Thank you very much, i totally realate to what you say. 

Whenever i´m in a relationship or feeling better about myself, i find i do not daydream that much or at all actually. 

Theaxe said:

You said something interesting here:
...i can separate my real life from my daydreams but these make me enjoy my life so much less...

I know how you feel because when I create my perfect world in my mind, I end up snapping out of it only to return to my actual boring life. I look in the mirror, and there is Fat Me instead of Foxy Me. I go out and realize I'm Broke Me instead of Rich-Beyond-My-Wildest-Dreams Me.

Who wouldn't be depressed? It's like coming down off of a drug. You felt great seeing yourself in this wonderful place, and wish it was real, but know very well that it's not. Then you drag your butt out of bed and go to work where life sucks.

I find that my daydreaming has been a coping mechanism for all things that upset me. If I have a fight with my husband, or if I got cut off in traffic, or if I choked during a job interview, I just come home, put headphones on and listen to music and imagine myself as a famous cheeky rock star in a music video as I listen to P!nk. In my daydream I'm slim and desirable. All things I wish I was and am painfully reminded of once I go back to normal.

I don't know if I can stop, but I certainly have controlled it more once I learned what MD actually was. Before then, I was terrified that my overactive mind was the cause of brain cancer. (Even now, I'm not so sure it's not.) I tend to worry a lot, and I'm frightfully self-conscious. To curb these ill-feelings, I'll daydream just to feel like I'm something special.  I did it so often and for so long that I worried myself sick sometimes.

Once I began researching MD, I started to notice things I did and it started to ease off. Now I understand what it is, and feel like I do it less because just knowing about it has dulled a lot of the excitement.


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