I've found since I started taking paroxetine (paxil) in 2011, my daydreaming is practically non-existent. I just don't have any interest or I just can't get into it.

I use to have MD really bad to the point where I couldn't focus on much at all. However, I've been on 3 different anti-depressants and this is the only one I've found that seems to have this effect on my MD.

Sometimes, I really do miss daydreaming my life away. But once I stop taking paxil for a while, it does come back.

Has anyone else had this happen to them before while taking any type of medication?

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When I was on Celexa it helped me stop daydreaming a little but not completely. I have been on about 8 different antidepressants and several anxiety medications and celexa has been the only one that helped my daydreaming at all. I did go off of Celexa though because of other side effects.

What side effects did you encounter with Celexa, my doctor prescribed that for me but i have not taking it because iam too scare of all the possible side effects

When I was taking Celexa it made me gain some weight and have a lot of trouble sleeping. I already have trouble sleeping so I didn't need any more trouble with that. Some people actually have a loss of appetite as a side effect so it really just depends on each person, some people have no side effects or the side effects go away after the first 6 weeks. I did like Celexa because it helped with my depression, daydreaming and anxiety but over all it just wasn't enough to really help me, I needed something stronger. Every anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication has side effects but sometimes they are worth the help the drug gives.

I couldn't daydream when I was put on ritalin. Or well, I would go into a daydream but I would catch myself doing it very easily and be able to redirect my attention back to my work. What I could no longer do was spend hours staring into empty space then realise the day was practically over, that stopped. Also, the "narrative" daydreams stopped. I tended to zone out thinking about what to buy for dinner but I didn't go on a wild adventure in my head. It gave me heart rythm problems though so I had to stop.

Wellbutrin had kind of the same effect but it made me slow and stupid. I was reading through books I knew I understood and I couldn't even start to comprehend the words on the page.

Yes, for me as well.  Not anti-depression but rather an anti-anxiety drug.  When I take it I might start a DD but then find myself remembering to do something or more everyday thoughts.

I've had some moderate success with Wellbutrin for ADD but it does nothing for my MD. Two days ago my Dr added Guanfacine, which again is more for ADD. So far nothing. I'm not sure people without MD can comprehend what it is we're trying to explain, regardless of their doctoral qualifications.

I agree Patrick.  People who do not MDD just cannot seem to comprehend the deep grip it has.

I realized recently that the MDD seemed less intense when I was on Zoloft for OCD. I restarted it a week ago, hoping to get some control back. So far, no difference, but I've read that it can sometimes take 4-6 weeks before anti depressants make a noticeable difference.

Be careful with taking psychoactive medication without the follow up of a professional. Things can go wrong. It does take 4 to 6 weeks to evaluate if it works though, you're right about that. But please get yourself to a psych or doctor who can prescribe it and follow up.

3 months on the Zoloft and I'm like a new person! I can control my MDD now, it's no longer an obsession that threatens to take over my life.


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