Do you usually seem to "play" yourself in your daydreams or a character you invented?

In my extensive plot stories, the main character is always someone of my own creation.   But in my personal mini-daydreams, I am myself (like when I win that prestigious scholarship I wanted, or the guy I like finally asks me out.)

What about you? :)

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When I was younger. I use to have a different character I would play because I didn't like myself. I found a picture of this girl I thought was really pretty and pretended to look like her.Now that im older, I just think of a more better updated version of myself im currently working on. Like losing weight,clearing up acne etc. My daydreams are for the most part very realistic. I try to make them that way instead of daydreaming something far fetched.

my characters are just on a another level of cool that i cannot comprehend 

Even if I don't play as myself, I still play out the fantasy from my own perspective. In the same way a good protagonist in a book or film allows the person to effectively step into the shoes of the character they root for, my daydreams don't necessarily star 'me' but I still see the situation from a point of view perspective.
I play me all the time now. When I was a kid, I would be other people and myself a lot. I also didn't like myself as a kid so I liked being prettier, funnier, better received people with super long wavy hair (I'm black) that no guy could resist, and every girl wanted to be best friends with
Mine is unusual. I am not a part of my daydreams in any form; I simply observe the characters I've created. It makes it even harder to want to stop because I'm so attatched to them.
I am myself few times but most times but few times I am somebody else. I have had many characters over the years and I have even forgot most of them, mainly because I pushed them out of my mind in my endless efforts to get rid of daydreams. And another interesting and addictive character turns up after a while ;-(
My DD is like Antigone's. In the parallel universe I've created I have an alter ego though. She's not me, but I would be her if I lived there- i know it's weird but i can't explain it better...

I am myself but the idea of myself that I wish I could be. I'm overweight in real life, in my other life, I'm my ideal weight. I am not musically talented, in my other life I am. I'm not depressed in my other life, I'm successful, I have a family, etc. But it's still me. It's me but different.

I usually daydream about situations that happened to me in the past and in these daydreams I always act like I wanted, but didn't have the courage to do on the real situation.

I am usually a perfected version of myself, Perfect life, great social skills, nice hair, smaller nose, loved to death by everyone even a fake boyfriend, It's hard to leave but it makes me satisfied.

It really depends on the daydream but usually I am me but slightly altered.  Like I might be a vampire, or such.

I am myself, coming out of my shell a bit, and then immediately retreating. So the DDs are rather stifling, but I can't stop it?


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