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Do you have conscious control over your daydreams?

I've gathered from a few things people have said here, they go to Youtube for more ideas on what to daydream and movies and books and so on…

Started by Carrie

17 Jun 15, 2011
Reply by Nicola Wallace

What is the basic themes in your daydreams?

So is there a basic theme(s) in your daydreams? In mine, especially recently, I am an orphan (for real I have a big family), a bad girl (sw…

Started by Truthful Alibi

2 Jun 15, 2011
Reply by Nicola Wallace

Do you feel like Maladaptive Daydreaming is an addiction?

I am a recovering  drug addict.  However, if the truth be told, my first "self medication" was daydreaming. The only difference that I noti…

Started by khaughey66

8 Jun 14, 2011
Reply by Story_Teller

Lucid Dreaming

Does anyone on here lucid dream? It's something I've been exploring and I thought perhaps a person with MD might have better control over t…

Started by Heinriech Heisner

2 Jun 14, 2011
Reply by Heinriech Heisner

Who has a Fan fiction account?

i'm new to this and have been doing it my whole life. I always thought there where more people like me because all over fan fiction there a…

Started by Vendetta_Crazzed

0 Jun 11, 2011

Personality tests

Nice forum discussion about MBTI types made me think that there are certain predispositions to day-dreaming. Wonder, if you did any persona…

Started by Julie

1 Jun 11, 2011
Reply by Julie

What makes you happy?

So, apart from day-dreaming, WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? Anything could be mentioned: general categories (from Big Macs to metaphysical poetry),…

Started by Julie

15 Jun 9, 2011
Reply by The Altruist

Looking for some serious support

So, I've had MD my whole life and have had some symtpoms of anxiety and depression for years. Three months ago I felt I needed to do someth…

Started by Lily

4 Jun 8, 2011
Reply by Harry

I'm new at this...

Only recently I decided to look this up on the internet and came across this forum thing! I'm 20 years old and think I should share my stor…

Started by Natalie;

1 Jun 4, 2011
Reply by Soundz

Is this a bad thing to do?

I get into tons of fights with my parents and we don't really have a good relationship. Today after such a fight I started daydreaming abou…

Started by Drake

2 May 31, 2011
Reply by Drake


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