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Side effects

I am from Africa and been having this situation since childhood.The problem is, although i know that MD has certain side effects, i am a wr…

Started by ben je

5 Jul 13, 2011
Reply by thetxbelle

When your daydream has played out

Do you ever feel like one of your day dreams has run it's course and youre done with it even if you dont want to be? Like it just doesnt ha…

Started by thetxbelle

3 Jul 13, 2011
Reply by thetxbelle

Roughly when did your MD start?

For me, I think it was when I was 7, because I was bullied, so I would walk round the playground at school daydreaming. I wouldn't even pla…

Started by Truthful Alibi

8 Jul 11, 2011
Reply by Bloom

Funny/weird responses you've had to your MD.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had some weird or funny reactions from people when you told them about your MD.   Many years back m…

Started by Bee

6 Jul 8, 2011
Reply by Angel


Sometimes my daydreams are almost more like "playing pretend," like a child would. Maybe this is just because I usually act out my daydream…

Started by A

11 Jul 7, 2011
Reply by Petunia

Has anyone taken advantage of this problem by writing stories or through some form of expression?

I myself find thats its so hard to concentrate that I ironically cant even do the things i once loved so much like draw and write (in a jou…

Started by tavern

3 Jul 6, 2011
Reply by Truthful Alibi

Great minds think alike - does MD make us smart?

OK, I have a question. Are us MDers all very clever? I was reading about something and I read that the smarter you are, the more imaginatio…

Started by Truthful Alibi

5 Jul 5, 2011
Reply by tavern

Is there anyone else who can't daydream about real people?

So there's this guy in my class who I have a crush on, I shouldn't because I have a boyfriend, but our relationship's going nowhere so... A…

Started by Truthful Alibi

12 Jul 4, 2011
Reply by Petunia

would you ever put your real face as your profile pic?

one thing i know about cordellia is that the girl has some serious balls!! why? cause as at the moment theres NO WAY i have the courage to…

Started by sky

11 Jun 27, 2011
Reply by Anaa

Another Veiw On Maladaptive DayDreaming.

        I'm Curious, about what everyone else thinks about maladaptive daydreaming. Do you guys think its a good thing? a bad thing, or eve…

Started by Ellie Hale

5 Jun 27, 2011
Reply by FlyingSkies


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