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At first, I want to say (write:)) hello, that's my first time when I write here (and probably last, cause I'm too lazy lol) although I've made this account long ago. And my English... Yeah, and mistakes... I'm not sorry (or I just wanna think that way but writing those words only shows that maybe I'm sorry...).

Anyways, here's my question:
What about lucid dreams among maladaptive daydreamers?
I've never tried to control my dreams and actually I still can't but I'm somehow aware I'm just dreaming. They're usually very vivid. I often experience fear, pain, shame or keep having dreams about death... I have big mess in my head. Last night I dreamed that someone wanted to hurt me and I really didn't want to feel it so (I don't know how, cause like I said I can't change anything...) ...I stopped my dream and started another. That was weird. Sometimes I have monologue with myself during my sleeping (would be strange if it was a dialogue). After awakening for some time I feel too overwhelmed to daydream. Do you have it the same or am I the only one freak there? I'd like to control my dreams but I'm not sure if it's healthy for me to escape even more from reality and I'm a little bit scared of waking up during sleep paralysis, but if I haven't had it yet so maybe I won't. Maybe.

P.S. I just feel like all my confidence slips away similar like my English skills... not sorry. ((:

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I would like to control my dreams :) I imagine it's fun. As a teenager I had monologues too during dreaming, mostly I was wondering what the heck was going on :D But recently I don't remember any dreams at all and that's sad cause I think I could learn something from my dreams, e.g. what's bothering my mind.

So if someone's sticking around capable of teaching it:

I welcome thee Master of Lucid dreaming! :D

Hi Ellen! A former member of this site started a YouTube channel for LD, called TeamLucidDream. You might want to check it out. 

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