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I'm in my 20s and have been daydreaming pretty consistently since I was a child.  I noticed after getting a slightly better social life and being busy, I stopped daydreaming for most of the time earlier this year.  This summer, however, my friends are gone and I'm not in school, so I have hours of free time.  I got back into some daydreaming narratives, and it feels like an addiction again.  I can't daydream just sitting; I have to dance or pace quickly with music, so I end up sweating and feeling pretty excited after an hour session.  I noticed that it really seems to wear down on my adrenal system.  My face/jaw line is sore, and I feel tired the rest of the day.  I have mild hypothyroidism, so that probably affects it as well.  I was just wondering if this constant tiredness is because my brain is worn out?  Maybe the stories and exercising at the same time are wearing me out?  I was feeling fine energy wise until I started back up on the pacing and imagining dramatic stories.  I just find it interesting because I am usually fine after an intense non-daydreaming workout, but daydreaming seem to be more exhausting.  

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I understand what you mean to a certain extent. Although I don't move around extensively while daydreaming, my mind is extremely active and that activity drains a lot of mental energy from the present moment. I believe the reason you feel tired after daydreaming and not after an intense non-daydreaming workout is because the non-daydreaming workout is purely physical, whereas the daydreaming session is a rather large emotional investment. Curbing my daydreams definitely helps with conserving my energy, and that's why I believe it is critical to remain busy to a certain extent to reduce the frequency of my daydreams. When I don't have much going on, what helps tremendously is making a schedule of things I want to have accomplished by the end of the day, such as reading a book for an hour or working towards developing a new skill. Negative emotions such as loneliness and depression can really get in the way taking action, so that's why it's important to incorporate activities that are fulfilling and can make you happy inside into your schedules.

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