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MD has worsened after breakup and lead to bad grades in University

A couple months back I went through a breakup, and well It was very difficult, and i ended up turning to md to cope with it by goinginto my own imaginary world. It has become harder to cope with after the breakup, and also going forth, I have really bad triggers, like I use "very loud music" too get into my trance and I have the repetitive movement of jumping, which believe it or not has affected my knees, as the impact from jumping has given me knee pain, and im afraid if this persists, im going to ruin my health completely. I really want to commit myself too overcome MD, but I would love it if you guys could give me some tips.

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Comment by Pascale on March 27, 2013 at 1:32am

My MD has never been so bad than after my divorce. But I get depression then, I don't think MD was the cause, juste a coping strategy. I never used music to DD but I somtime close myself inn and dance. I never DD when I dance more trying to feel my body. The best way to help your knees can be to try any other movment.

Everything which help you feel better help you out of DD. Meet friend and focus on the good think they say on you. I often find myself saying people what I need most to ear. But I allway mean it. And they return it to me. Smile to the wold, the world will smile to you. Tell people about their quality, they will tell about yours. Close your dor and they will ignore you. Not because they don't like you but because they respect you.

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