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The earliest signs of mdd I remember was in my earliest memories. For quite a while, I had believed that I just had imaginary friends, who'd I play with for hours at a time. But now, I believe I recognize signs it wasn't simply an imaginary friend.

I was extremely close to my friend, and insisted it was real, because it felt like it did. I was so determined that I was tested for schizophrenia. However, I knew it wasn't real. I'd spend time confused why something I knew wasn't real could feel so real. Once, I screamed for the bus driver to stop, because it hit my imaginary friend. Another time, an older kid told Meir had died, and I ran away crying. I built a "scrap book" of drawings showing our whole lives together, baby pictures, and drew her in several of my earlier memories. 

I know this was a result of the MDD, but I was wondering: if your daydream character were put in the "real world", would they be an imaginary friend, or their interactions still simply daydreams?

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Comment by Kay M on December 30, 2016 at 12:30pm

Yes, my imaginary daydream triplets were sort of like imaginary friends when I was a kid, I imagined them being with me at all times, sitting in empty seats, talking to me, and we had conversations in my head.

Comment by MatthewR on December 1, 2016 at 8:08pm

Hello, Machelle! It's been a long time! I can say that my daydream characters have definitely changed over the years. When i was in grade school and high school, my characters acted like "imaginary friends." That is, I talked to them, ate meals with them, and did activities with them. I would make gestures to them, and people thought i was crazy. But later, in uni i started shifting away from the "imaginary friends" and began inventing characters that i knew were not real, if that makes sense. I was trying to write stories, then, so i needed fictional people. I still remember some of the older "friends" i used to spend time with, but i guess i've since let them go. In fact, i feel a bit sad thinking about those days. I miss them. 

Comment by Fitri Kamelia on November 26, 2016 at 5:49am

I do both. The first one (imaginary friend) happened when I was a freshman in uni. Later after I write and drawing to pour my dd, it goes on the 2nd one. Later imaginary friend only happened when I'm on depressed time, my character will hug me without saying other words, although sometimes he also give me advice.

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