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****This is for people who no longer want to have MDD and who believe in the power of Prayer and want God to heal their illness/stronghold/demonic spirit/ mind  torement. I have to share this information with all of you  because Wildminds was the first website/community I discovered about MDD and thats when I realized I wasn't the only one and I felt apart of a special community.

I totally understand if you want to keep MDD or don't believe it is a demonic spirit/stronghold or if you don't believe in my Lord and Savior . I am not here to judge or preach or force  the Bible down your throat.   I just felt compelled in my heart to share this, because I know I am not the only person on this blog that wants to get rid of MDD and others things that keep us down *********



Hi, Im Nicole and  I have posted only a few times on here, but I have been suffering from MDD since around 10 yrs old.. I am now 26! I come to this site all the time just observe what's going on with my peers and look to see if anyone has found a cure for MDD .

So I don't know about you, but I don't like my MDD (I know people think it keeps them creative but I think we are already creative and that it is the enemy distracting us from using our creativity to be productive/reaching ur full potential) Can u just imagine the great things you could accomplish/create if you were not  MDD all the time??!

Well recently I went into a deep depression and I googled how to get rid of depression and MDD. I came across the site: http://maladaptivedaydreamer.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/the-revelatio....  (I pasted the post Below)

This was a blog  from Christian  discussing their life with Maladaptive Daydreaming. This blog  gave me hope. It basically said that they spoke to their pastor about MDD and the pastor said it was a demonic spirit tormenting them. The preacher then began to cast the demon out and the blogger  felt delivered. I actually just ask for an update and the blogger  confirmed that MDD is no longer a problem for them anymore.

I thanked God and felt  a sign of relief because up until then, I thought I was going to have to deal with and accept MDD . I then scheduled  a meeting with my pastor to be delivered of my mind torment  but they were unavailable at the moment. Therefore I  RESEARCHED and PRAYED for a prayer that would deliver me not only from MDD but my depression and constant sadness. I found the following prayer on youtube and I am so thankful.



I did this prayer  early this evening and I honestly felt relieved and as of now I don't feel the urge to MDD and I don't have the heaviness/saddness I had been recently  feeling. I did feel the spirits purging out of me(I was shaking and spitting up alot ) but so far so good..


I hope this helps someone not only be delivered from MDD , but whatever demonic spirit/stronghold/ illness that you have! Please feel free to comment and give experience with the powerful messages.

This is what the blogger wrote on the blog:



The answer came sooner than I expected.

Many of you will stop reading this blog once I start talking this way. But this is really what happened to me and how I’ve handled MD. If you have not read this blog before, I urge  you to scroll down and read the rest of the story, before you read this post. My conclusions will seem hasty if you have not read the struggle I have described.

It all started when I moved and started going to this new church. These people are intense. They are deep into the supernatural and the spirit world. The more I started listening to their teachings, the more I started thinking about MD. Finally, I made an appointment to see one of the church counselors.

I went into the counselor’s office, sweaty and heart palpitating. Although I’d suffered from MD for decades, I’d never spoken to anyone about it. I remember sitting in his office haltingly explaining what I had wrestled with for years. It was intimidating, but having articulated it for this blog helped.

“Well,” he said. “What you are describing is a Spirit Guide. Have you had any occultic background or dealings with witchcraft? ”“No,” I answered. “Never. That sort of thing never appealed to me.” “Has anyone in your family?” I thought, and finally narrowed it down to a grandfather, who had dabbled in witchcraft. “You see,” he explained, “These demons masquerade as friends that take you on journeys through your imagination. It sounds harmless, but it is not. It hates you, wants to steal from you, destroy your life and eventually kill you.”

I was shocked at his strong language, but as I started thinking about it, it made sense. MD isolated me from my family and friends, and made me miss out on important relationship building activities. It also made me talk to myself, which was not only embarrassing, but pushed others away.  It made me waste my time and lose valuable freelance jobs, thereby ruining my career.  And, although I had all these grand plans for my life, anytime I’d come close to getting somewhere with them, I’d have to go into an episode to cope with the energy. It would waste time and usually lose the opportunity. But, if I did not take the time for MD, I would get totally tense and frustrated and not able to be able to handle life.

Once I came out of my trance, I would be left alone with the wreckage of neglected relationships, unemployment, broken dreams, shame, self-condemnation, and deep loneliness. This would make me depressed, which sometimes deepened into suicidal thoughts. With very little to help me, I’d turn to MD for relief. It was a self-perpetuating cycle. Yes, this was not a harmless imagination exercise.

“I’ve never done anything to ask for a Spirit Guide. How could I have gotten it?” “It could have been a number of ways, but it is a form of witchcraft which can travel through bloodlines. So, while you may not have participated, it could have traveled to you from a family member, such as your grandfather, participating in witchcraft or New Age activity.” I took a few minutes to drink this in, trying to trace it back. “Do you have mental illness in your family?” I nodded. “This spirit’s intent is to take you down that road.” I had never considered that possibility, but it made perfect sense. The idea scared me and carried a deep sense of urgency. I didn’t want to be crazy! “Well, what should I do about it?” “Well, you want to get rid of it, right?” I hesitated. “Ye-es.” I stammered. “Hmmm,” he said. “Why the hesitation?” I explained it was the creative source behind my book. He listened. “Likely, it is that you are extremely creative, and that this demon’s intent is to choke out your true creativity with a fake one, so that you will never live up to your creative potential.” I listened, still a little hesitant about losing my book. Although, it was true that I wasn’t living up to my artistic potential. He started explaining this concept called deliverance.

He led me through a prayer telling the spirit I no longer wanted it. He then began praying for me, and started casting the demon out. As soon as he ordered it out, I involuntarily jolted. Then, I started coughing. I started to feel lighter…I literally felt as if something had left me.

But, then I started to feel my characters strong in the room. He kept praying. I started to feel heady and nauseated. I doubled over a trash can as he kept praying. I started throwing up. Each time I threw up, I felt a little lighter. I also had this weird sensation of waking up from a dream. As if for the first time, I was experiencing real life.

He kept praying. I started coughing to the point of gagging and threw up again and again. I started yawning and coughing and sneezing, each time feeling just a bit lighter….we did this for about an hour.  Finally, tired, we stopped.

“How do you feel?” he asked. “Lighter.” “Is it gone?” I thought about it. I felt very empty, and indeed MD was gone. “Yes,” I said, a little shocked. “Good. But even though it’s gone, it will try to come back and you will have to keep fighting.” I made a follow-up appointment and went home, feeling much lighter, and a little empty. When I got home, I continued praying the same way. Throughout the day, I kept coughing, sneezing, and gagging, each time feeling just a bit lighter.

Over the next couple of days, I followed the counselor’s instructions. Continue to pray, resist any temptation and pray when it came, and eliminate triggers, which he called, “open doors.”  He also suggested that I fast. Fasting is a process by which, for a specified period, you abstain from food, or certain foods, as a way to reset your body, mind and spirit. You must also pray frequently during this time. As I did this, I felt the whole infrastructure of MD crumbling in my life like a tower.

One night, as I was asleep, I felt something squeezing my neck. I instantly woke up. I was being choked, and there was no one there. Through my choking, I eked out, “Jesus!” It immediately stopped, but I could still feel the impression of the unseen pressure on my neck.

I looked, and in the corner of the room, I saw this massive creature. It was a menacing vulture, about eight feet tall. It had blue and white feathers and sat watching me. I instantly knew this what my Spirit Guide really was. I spent about an hour praying until I fell asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, I felt it leave. I called my counselor in the morning.

“This is common,” he said. “Demons get mad that they have been cast out, and they act aggressively to scare you into letting them back in.” “But, the odd thing was,” I said, “I wasn’t scared at all. I just prayed for about an hour, and went back to sleep.” “That’s great,” he said. “But now you know that it’s real, and that it’s not your friend.” “Yeah, you’re certainly right.” “Now, do you have any open doors that might allow it in?” My heart felt heavy. I knew what I had to do.

I deleted the book. If this thing was really out to kill me, I wanted it to have no place in my life. While I was deleting it, I felt heady and nauseated. Once it was gone, it was almost as if an engine had been shut down. It felt right.

That was about a week ago. In the last week, the Spirit Guide has tried to come back multiple times. Convinced now that it is not my friend, I sternly order it to go away. It rarely comes now. I don’t let myself think about my characters anymore. It’s too risky. If I give in, it will undo all the work I have done. Anytime I even think about my characters for a split second, I feel a slight tingling through my body and almost a wall in my mind.

MD is gone, but the task now is learning now how to cope with life without it. This time, I am finding it easier. MD seems old and dead now, and I am seeing it for what it is. It is a dark and dingy room, where I am a prisoner sequestered from reality and unable to live up to my potential.

I don’t have an answer for what to fill it with, at this point I am just trying to stay busy. Ultimately, I see it like rehabilitation. I have to re-learn how to live. It’s a daily process. But, living with a lot of other people really helps. There are constantly people around to talk to, and I am observing what others do with their time. Although I don’t talk to any of my housemates about MD, they keep me in reality, and the lack of privacy inadvertently provides accountability.

I was sad to lose the book. It was my first major work, and I had been writing it on and off for almost a year. This was my baby, and I didn’t have another concept. Without it, I felt very empty.

But, the last few days, I have had a new concept circling in my head. It would be much more complex, and lacked some of the structural problems I was having with my other book. I haven’t gotten the concept worked through yet, but I will continue to work on it. Perhaps it is better."

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Comment by nicole on November 19, 2013 at 11:07am

@ shellyBelly, I understand where you are coming from and how the thought of it being a possession or a demon making someone kill/waste their time on fatasies can make them feel bad.  But this was MY experience and I honestly have not even had the urge to MDD the past 2 weeks. Life has been much better FOR ME.  I just got a really good job that I applied for and if I still had MD I wouldn't have even made the time to sit down, look and apply for a job that is on the path to the career I was (dreaming)/MDDing about!Because I am

cured from MDD Iwantedto blog about my experience  just like EVERYONE else that is on this blog that post about there experience with controlling, getting rid of or embracing it. From the looks of it on this site, alot of  people ALREADY  feel bad about it and if they dont believe in God, then they wont believe in demon posession...and therefore wont feel even worse, as you mentioned.  

This post was not to make anyone feel worse. It was ONLY to inform  others on how I was able to cope/get rid of MDD. If someone does feel worseI am very sorry  and it was not intended to hurt you.I just wanted to share my experiences on a blog for people who have the same condition I have/had.

Also I have had 4 people email me already and say that this post/prayer has helped them.

Comment by ShellyBelly on November 19, 2013 at 10:06am

I don't want to get preachy myself but I think we have to be careful about his because telling some they have a demon can make this situation worse. I used to be Christian and there was a time I thought I was under demonic oppression and it did not help me. I appreciate that your faith is a way to help you deal but I also think that the idea of demonic activity being behind it can be harmful to some folks.

Comment by nicole on November 11, 2013 at 7:27pm

Oh wow, thanks eternally a child for your response. I feel the exact same way you do. I know that God has more in store for me than just pacing around my FABULOUS  apartment( im an interior designer! )


( I am not preaching nor trying to convert others, nor am I attacking anyones beliefs because I believe in something they don't agree with and  i dont hate anyone , even if they live a life that my religion doesn't agree with, I see good in all people and mind my business... )...back to the subject at hand...

I just knew that MDD was a distraction from me using my full potential and that quote you mentioned is the quote that got me too. I realized that it does steal, kill and destroy me everytime i did it. I have been free for a week now, since i prayed that prayer i posted. I don't even have the urge and Im so happy, i feel light and normal. I catch myself just smiling sometimes because i am so productive now and i got a lot of stuff done..including last week after being delivered i applied for a dream job towards my degree and i had the interview today!! I felt so relaxed and calm during the interview, and throughout the day.

I just hope we can stay strong enough to continue to get rid of the possession of MDD and keep it from coming back so that we can live the life we were dreaming of!!

Stay strong and don't try to control it, pray it away..

Comment by eternally a child on November 11, 2013 at 3:53pm

this is really interesting and lately ive been feeling REALLY fed up with the MDD and have also felt the ''withdrawal'' symptoms , meaning that the very moment I stopped the MDD I would literally start to cry because the reality of my life was too much for me OR I would realize that ive become so so dependent on the MDD I have lost YEARS of my life. I do have creative ideas BUT they are not channeled . I stopped drawing for years because of laziness, depression and MDD but have just started to do so again. ive been very very fed up with the fact that ive been thinking about a man I knew for a short time 2 years ago AND another man I met 3 months ago for a very very short time. both situations ended with me looking like an aggressive desperate psycho  and truthfully  all of these things have been an addiction AND I was thinking that it was a curse of sorts too just like you had stated. I would consider it a form of possession and this confirms what ive been feeling and thinking. now that im facing reality head on I feel scared as well, to the point where im almost confused . BUT im hoping the both of us can get through this because the statement that startled me the most was You see,” he explained, “These demons masquerade as friends that take you on journeys through your imagination. It sounds harmless, but it is not. It hates you, wants to steal from you, destroy your life and eventually kill you.”


I never exactly felt  like I was totally insane BUT this was NOT normal either. As a child this was a coping mechanism but now as an adult its a prison and a way to be in la la land 24/7 to escape the hum drum life .

I thank you for writing all of this down and taking this on from a spiritual point of view because I can totally agree with what you are saying

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