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so my brother is older than me, old enough to drive, so my parents are planning to get him a car. One day they were talking about driving in the other room and I just happened to say something about how I would probably be terrible at driving because I wouldn't be able to focus at all, but i said it sortof jokingly, and they don't know about MDD. They kept saying how I'll be fine when I'm old enough to drive, and how it's actually much easier than it seems, but they don't get it, they don't get that I can't even spend 2 minutes in the bathroom without spacing out, and they would never try to understand if I did tell them about it. Is MDD actually a problem for people who drive, cause I'm terrified that it is

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Your parents are right. It really is much easier than it seems. I thought i would be terrible at driving in a straight line. But after the initial awkwardness is over, it really isn't difficult. I admit that i used to dd a lot on my way home from uni. It was so bad... i'd get in the car, start the engine, daydream, and then somehow arrive at my house. And it's like, I HAVE NO MEMORY OF DRIVING WHATSOEVER...so yeah, even if you dd, you can still drive, tho i wouldn't recommend! 

Try not to fear too much about it. Driving is scary at first, but you will get used to it right away. Like everything else, it's just a rite of passage. Good luck! 

There have been a few instances in my life where I've driven to work, parked my car & had no memory of the drive in. It was like I was on autopiolet the whole ride in. Kinda freaked me out actually.

I agree with Matthew R on this. Driving can be a bit daunting at first and can take some time getting the hang of things. The more you practice, your confidence will increase and it'll become like second nature. While you're learning try practicing Mindfulnesss to keep you grounded in the present moment. It essentialllly forces you to pay attention & focus on the moment,
I thought just like u a few months ago. I was terrified I would DD and cause an accident or something, I got even more worried when I started driving with my sister by my side CU's it wasn't only my life at risk anymore... But its like when you're occupied, at least it is with me, I focus on everything around and even if I DD it's things related to driving so I can't say I'm actually unfocused. Don't worry, you'll be fine :)

Agreed with everyone here, even people without MD daydream while driving, I'm pretty sure there are cases of people driving while asleep... literally asleep, like while they are sleepwalking.

Also want to add that you will probably find it helpful, especially while learning, to turn the radio off. When I get worried about MDing in the car too deeply I also turn my GPS on, even if I know the way, so I'll have a voice reminding me to snap out of it when turns and lane changes are coming up.

Off topic maybe, but I used to travel around the country with my imaginary friends in my car with me. I felt like a crazy person but it was so much fun. I preferred to travel with them than with real people.

I have painfully weaned myself off doing that when I started putting rules in place about where I can and can't DD. Driving is boring, and sometimes I catch myself inwardly DDing in the car (as opposed to openly talking and acting!). I still love driving but if there's only me in the car it can be a bit sad and boring now. But it is better than being crazy.

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