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Why we are proud of daydreaming ?...

I mean I see people on the site somehow proud of MDD ..Is it something to be proud of ...a disorder really ??

Daydream has always kept us in an empty circle ..always daydreaming ...wasted our times

We all started DD as a coping mechanism for loneliness maybe just emptiness and feeling bored 

we dreamed of a better life ..Is that what we get ?imaginations 

We wanted to live an amazing life ...We are split between two worlds and we are not living in those too we are distracting ourselves from being real ..instead of living it we wanted the day to end ...what we really wanted is what we are abandoned from it ..To LIVE ...TO HAVE GREAT MOMENTS...

Have we ever calculated the price of sacrifice we are doing for the joyful moments in DD ? Do we know what we really miss ?

How come we value life and moments ??! Can we realize that the way we love for ourself turned out to be our own misery and distraction !! 

Do you know that if our lives was really great we won't even think of daydreaming....it is dependence to feel good and affirmation... 

My wish is that we can be courage enough to handle pain than to daydream ...it is not our answer ...won't lead us to anything 

There is a right and wrong way to seek life ...there is sanity and disorders...

IF we can be free from DD and from the problem that caused it go back we left our true US ..We wont need to daydream because reality has a value than a thousand daydreams ...while daydream root your problem deep reality show it and help you get better ..we will feel inside ourself that we are ENOUGH ..we need NOTHING to make us feel better..Connect to reality TO PEOPLE ...found a safe place ..CHANGE UR MIND from being satisfied about dreams ..U who have always dreamed for a better life deserve a better one really ! 

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Comment by Camoran on March 1, 2017 at 4:24am
Daydreaming isn't the solution, but what is the alternative? Succumbing to helplessness and losing your mind completely, crushed under the weight of impossibility?
The dream world is the infinite sandbox that contains everything you need but don't have. Critical pieces of life are almost always among these things, and the awareness that it's all a lie comes at a higher price than many can afford. The choice between false heaven and eternal agony is bitter and unjust, but sometimes there's no other way.
Comment by Observer on February 28, 2017 at 10:35pm

Very wise words and truths in here, thanks for writing this i believe in this too. Reality is always better.

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