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My latest attempt at a cure or treatment is mind control. Heard a man talking about it on the radio show Coast to Coast AM. I ordered one of the programs called Serenity. It has shadowed subliminal messages or affirmations in with oceans sounds. You can choose nature sounds or music. The sound of waves is soothing to me anyway. The company is called InnerTalk, I liked them because they provide a list of all the messages in the recording, so you don't wonder what they are really telling you to do. I had one company refuse to tell what the messages were, like it was a big secret. What if they were saying send me money or something. I also liked that you could be doing other things while listening, like working on the computer. Unlike the self hypnosis ones I tried that always wanted you to relax and close your eyes. I always fell asleep.
Well, I started over the weekend and have had the greatest amount of success out of all the treatments I've tried. It seems to have blocked the involuntary part and I am just left with the habit part. Which isn't all that easy to break but it is doable. I have noticed what could be withdrawal symptoms. Kind of feeling lost, not knowing what to think about. Trying to find real things to fill the time and thoughts. But this is a good problem to have right? Anyway it seems like a good therapy that is helping me over come this MDD. One day at a time.

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Comment by greyartist on April 18, 2014 at 2:57pm

Lost is a good way to describe it. I didn't think I would have any strange feelings like this but I have. Empty, I'm trying to find ways to fill the space, but it also feels sad. Like I moved away and left friends. Which is very strange considering my DDs were not my happy place or an escape. They were an emotional rollercoaster of struggle and pain. Where I cried, fought, suffered, screamed. But now there is no strong emotion, an emptiness. I hope this is go away with time. 

Comment by The1andonlyAbber on April 16, 2014 at 8:49pm
I had withdrawal symptoms when I tried to stop. I unwisely tried to stop cold turkey (and without trying any mind exercise techniques or anything). I also felt lost. My mind was going a million miles per hour, and I literally started experiencing an existential crisis. Not only that, but I lost my appetite and got a really bad headache. So, keep it up (it sounds like you're doing great), but don't try to stop too fast!

Good luck! :-)

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