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Hey there,

Sorry this is going to be a quick, random post. I just started seeing my university therapist and when I mentioned that I have sleep problems, she suggested I try Melatonin. I know that it's a naturally produced chemical in your body and that maybe sometimes our bodies just need an extra little boost to produce it, and I want to give it a try to regulate myself. My brother accidently got me the extra-strength 5mg ones, and I want to start off slow, does cutting them in half reduce effectiveness and absorption? Has anyone here taken Melatonin suppliments? What was your experience?



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Comment by Hana on March 7, 2012 at 6:13pm

I had a friend who was anemic, she had to go to the doctor and get shots of iron. And it didn't do anything for her other than give her GIANT bruises on her arms.

I agree with Lily, exercise is really good for the body. Have you tried stretching before bed? That's always worked for me. I tried Melatonin before and it nothing for me. You could also try lavender scented sprays or lotions. Or a cup or Sleepy Time Tea (my absolute fave) or Chamomile.

If all else fails, try a nice warm cup of milk before bed. That's how I put kids to sleep  =P  

Comment by BilboBaggins on March 2, 2012 at 10:55am

Thanks for all the advice! My main sleeping difficulty comes from the fact that I have a severe iron deficiancy, so I have very low energy. Unfortunately this means that often I'll come home from school and pass out (literally unable to keep my eyes open) from exhaustion for hours at a time and once bed time rolls around-I'm reenergized. It's also a strange reality that on the days that I do manage to push through the fatigue till bedtime, I'm instantly wide-awake the moment my head hits the pillow. Ugh! I've tried some of your suggestions, but I'll try the others and like you I have only turned to this as a last resort! :(

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