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Day 4- Sweat Equity keeping me focused from DDing

Hey guys,  just here with my daily update, I put in that sweat equity for 15 hrs!!!,  not easy though, isolation with no distractions while being deprived of DDing at times, not fun, but I promise to all of you MDers, who are trying to stop temporarily until they can control it, It may really suck throughout the day just having too go through the pain of being conscious and focused the whole day, but when all is said and at the end of the day, when you look back on the day it feels good to know you didn't give into temptation. So moral of todays post would be is to cry now, laugh later, if you struggle through it, It gets easier at the end, just gotta outlast the temptation :). Anyways guys, I am out, gotta be up nice and early, and like always I hope you had an amazing day and tomorrow is even more amazing.

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Comment by Sky with Diamonds on March 31, 2013 at 9:56pm

It makes me so happy to hear that you are able to resist the temptation. Im sure that over time it will only become easier for you to do that. Hearing your progress also gives me hope to stop doing this. Ill be sure to take notes

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