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  • MD Researchers

    30 members Latest Activity: Dec 8, 2018

    I'm a college student doing research on MD and want help from all of you, and want each one of you to help me in getting a cure for all of us..…

  • Happiness :D

    11 members Latest Activity: Jul 24, 2016


    This is a group that almost no one will relate to, but it's a group I think we all should join, simply for the lolz.

    I want…

  • Without Friends

    118 members Latest Activity: Dec 12, 2018

    It seems that have difficulties to make friends and the difficulty to connect with other persons is a common denominator between Maladaptive…

  • Ruminate less

    63 members Latest Activity: Dec 8, 2018

    I started this group for those of us who constantly replay events in our mind.

  • Synesthesia

    23 members Latest Activity: Jan 6, 2018 Synesthesia! Is not really a condition so much as a different perspective of senses. That is, things get mixed up in the brain somewhere, and you'll…

  • Negative Daydreamers?

    132 members Latest Activity: Dec 7, 2018 Do you ever have negative daydreams? Ones about death, violence, traumatization, or victimization? If so, stop by and tell your story.

  • Tips and strategies to control MDD

    85 members Latest Activity: Dec 16, 2018

    Share your tips, tricks and strategies to control MDD.

  • LGBT MDDers

    61 members Latest Activity: Dec 12, 2018

    Because "the Gays just have to be everywhere" and "birds of a feather flock together" -  feel free to discuss, complain, gossip, rant about…

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