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Has anyone here been through trauma? If so, what kind of style day dreaming do you do? Ex. Violence, Idealized Self, Power and Control, detention, Rescue and Escape, or Sexual Arousal?

Hello. My Name's Zach, and ive been what you could say "daydreaming since i was around 12 or 13 years old. I'm 17 now. I usaully listen to music (tigger) and swing, but i can also daydream while riding in a vehicle or walking but it will only works if im listening to music. At about 16 i realized something wasn't quite right about going to the park one to three times a day for 30-1 hour increments and zoning out (aka "daydreaming) . I guess you could say i have experienced "trauma." Personally, i think i'm just over reacting, but if anyone here has experienced trauma, could you inform me what style of daydreaming you do? Like do you daydream more about achievement and positive things happening, or about bad and dark scenarios happening? If anyone could let me know their input, it would be much appreciated. Thanxx

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I daydreamed a while before the worst of my traumas, and because of it, I have chosen flight over fight, which has turned me into quite a passive person, and a non-confrontational daydreamer, I'm glad I chose the passive route in life, as I would much rather be passive and have only a few friends and be socially awkward etc., then be violent in nature and potentially harm people( emotionally speaking ). 

My 'trauma' was being bullied at the age of 6-7 years old. I've been daydreaming since then. In my daydreams, I do fight people, but (this is gonna be embarrassing to say, I'm gonna sound like a little kid!) I'm sort of like a secret agent, I fight evil people lol. But I'm quite rebellious in my DDs, actually on one of them I tried to kill someone, but then I tried to kill myself. I survived, so did the guy I was trying to poison (but he didn't deserve to live lol) and the other main people in my DDs still liked me (the ones who actually have all along). Also I can do better than in real life in my DDs, I'm the person I want to be. I'm sort of like a hero in my DDs, actuall all the guys fancy the in them but for some reason I (the me in my DDs) hate that so I turned them against me but then I was bored so i got up on this stage and sang and they all liked me again because I can sing WELL GOOD in my DDs. 

Well... that's it I think. OH wait, did I tell you about when in my DDs I... (goes on)

XD lol

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