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Anyone else have dark and twisted daydreams?

I am fixated on imagining myself in the role of an especially nasty villain - gangster, pimp, dictator, brothel owner etc - who receives deserved comeuppance by having his manhood removed.

I direct movies (usually very black comedies) with this basic narrative in my mind for hours and hours at a time in lurid and ridiculously complex detail, weaving Freudian subtexts into the plot and imagining the reaction of the audience to such a movie...sometimes the entire day can be lost to these masochistic fantasies.

I've planned on using this theme as the basis for a novel - but, frustratingly, I have a quite terrible attention span.  So my ideas go to waste.

Anyway, I know a lot of people daydream about their idealised self...but I'm wondering if anyone here shares similarly dark and morbid alternate realities?

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I rarely daydream about myself, and when I do they're not dark dreams.

I have a lot of dark daydreams about made-up characters though. There's a lot of violence and morbid stuff in those dreams. A lot of horrible stuff has happened to my main character and some of the side characters. The main character has a bit of a dark side too, although one that can easily be justified as a reaction to things that have been done to him.

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