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The health care symstem has come to this=ABUSIVE! MUST READ

I am about to disclose to you all the abuse I have endured this past week by medical professionals. It is not much on the topic of daydreaming but I need an outlet. First off, I am 20 yrs old not only do I suffer from MD but I also have a chronic illness called Lupus so I have alot of health problems for my age. For the past 3 months I have been having severe stomach pain (losing weight ect) so I been in contact with several of my specialist to figure out the cause. Well last week I had a doctor do a procedure and walk out and say "everything looks ok, I don't know what's wrong, come back in 6 months". I felt so crushed and frustrated because I am tired of being in pain, Im to young for this. That night I ended up checking myself into a mental health facility because I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown. Well the next morning they started giving me a medication that sedated me, well this medication affected me greatly and made me aggressive and unaware of what was going on. For those 4 days I was there I was yelled at by nurses, penned down by 5 people and giving other sedative medications. I could not even talk that's howbad it was. I called my mother and tried to explain what the were doing to me but my speech affected communication. The doctors lied to me about my condition and kept drugging me, they even lied to my mother. I was trapped and the doctor would not let me go AMA. I was forced to stay 4 days and when I was discharged I don't even remember the drive home. At this facility they did not offer me counselling, the social worker said he was only there for the check, and a nurse told me "if you don't wanna check yourself,there's medication for that". I am still sore from the repeated forced injections they were giving me. Finally when they let me go I tried to refocus myself on my abdomen pain and figure out what's going on. I had still been communicating with my specialist also. Well today the pain peaked so I went into the ER, they were unable to an exact cause but told me I should see a bladder doctor. When I left I contacted my general practitioner about it, she called me back and went completely off on me! She told me I was abusing the health care system, I not doing anything but doctor shopping, all I do is try medication and quit because of side effects, there's nothing even wrong with me, if im going to spend money to see the doctor I need to see her,and she screamed at me for going to the ER, and she made a ton of other offensive nasty comments. There were too many to name all of them. I apologized to her and told her I respected her but I would take my care elsewhere... she yelled at me "you do that!" And she kept yelling! I ended up hanging up on her, I was crying so hard while I was talking to her. I called the medical director of the medical group and turned her in, but I'm wondering if they are even gonna do anything. I am seriously considering taking legal action. I have been treated so badly I just think something has to be done. I can't afford a lawyer but there is sooo much abuse to both situations I endured that I am thinking about writing Dr Drew and Anderson Cooper. My stories need to be heard. This is not right! If you cannot depend on and trust doctors when your ill, then our health care system is in trouble

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Comment by Rae on March 26, 2013 at 7:23am
When I wrote this everything was so fresh and I was heated lol. I spoke with some medical people and they guaranteed this doctor would be taken care of by the CEO of the hospital and medical group. As far as the mental health part I did some research and I found I out that the hospitals in my area have a HORRIBLE reputation with mental health care. This was definitely a live and learn situation. Fromb nowb on I'm just gonna put my foot down with my doctors! My insurance pays them a lot of money so if they wanna be disrespectful I'm voice opinion and move on to someone else. Thanks for the comments!
Comment by Elizabeth Moore on March 23, 2013 at 5:08pm

I dunno if it's worth trying to get this into the media - Wish Upon A Wish is right in that you may not be believed, and given how stressful this has all been added stress may not be a good idea. Certainly society needs a greater awareness of this - the treatment of people with mental health problems is too often overlooked. Anyway, just commenting to show solidarity, really. No-one should have to go through that

Comment by Wish Upon A Wish on March 23, 2013 at 2:03am

That is absolutely disgusting behaviour! I know there have been success stories with the American Mental Health care system, but there's a lot of bad cases like these around too. I think you should take legal action, if you can afford it, but be warned it may turn out badly, as they may say nah, you're crazy, you must be mistaken etc. Good on you for reporting that doctor, though. And yes, your stories really need to be heard, so many do.

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