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Repeating the scenario in endless loop with slightly different variations is my main problem if not the problem.

For the St.Patrick's day I went to watch the parade and on the way back I met an important political figure. I discussed with him one of the issues I am passionate about. During this dialogue I made a blunder. Since this even happened I repeat this scenario with slight modifications endlessly imagining that I said a few different things and made a joke or how I could have responded better. This actually takes my focus away and this happens through out the day while I am doing work.

I brought this up to one of my psychotherapists a long time ago and he said we all do that. I can see his point but this loop is distracting and will continue to distract for some time to come. I am sure it will come to mind even after a few years and this is not normal.

I know the upside of that situation : If an idea needs to be perfected my mind is readily capable of repeating the scenario endless times to make it slightly better but the "looping" is controllable. At the moment it is a distraction.

Also another scenario that is repeating in my head today is the email exchange with a girl I am interested in dating.

One of the techniques I am using is to not to check phones and emails or any other things other than work in the mornings. I haven't implemented it for a long time yet but I see its potential. This week I did check emails and visited websites which did distract me from work.

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