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Reaching out Day two ( a look at my fantasy)

I was told to try writing about my MD and I am not sure if it will be helpful but I will try all the same, I will warn everyone that I am a terrible speller :)

MD snippet-

I had to keep running, I knew he wasn't far behind. The sewage smelled terrible and the tunnel was dark, all I could hear was my breathing and the pounding of my footsteps on the wet ground. my heart raced, I had to make it stop he would hear my heartbeat. The gun was still in my hand and the blood from the psycho path would give me away if I wasn't careful. The water in the sewage reeked but It might muffle the sound of my heart if I dove in. I stopped to catch my breath leaning over inhaling the rotten smell, it was enough to make a grown man's eyes water. I had to go under it was my best option in this moment, taking one more deep breath I put the gun down and sat on the edge with both feet in the water then like entering into a pool I slowly immersed myself into the dark water. I grabbed the gun before completely going under.

"start swimming" I told myself there must have been an exit somewhere my guess it would be where ever water was entering from. so find falling shit water and I would be golden. I swam like crazy not stopping I came up for air as little as possible, but I kept going. till I heard the rumbling of the water up ahead, I finally pulled out and got out. the gun made a clatter sound when I put it up. I tried the rest of the way to get out as sneakily as possible. I picked up my weapon and began feeling around for metal like. sure enough I felt it the medal bar under my hand. stairs thank you god thank you. I started to climb. there were car sounds just up above. my head hit the opening on top first. I placed my hand on the lid and pushed with all my might. It opened slowly, I peered around quickly as I climbed out of the sewage. there was one street light in the alley I was coming up from within ear shot of the highway. I didn't see anyone at first, But I did hear someone more dreadful first.
 his thick accent was undeniable

"did you really think you would get very far."

my body went numb as I turned to see him standing behind me in the dark, but there was no doubt in my mind that he was smiling.

-Written by J.C. Falkum

That's what I came up with today, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Comment by Fallen Messenger on July 31, 2017 at 4:23pm

That's a very intriguing start. I would love to hear more. And you've gotta admit, it's very satisfying.

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