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MDD is only your own personal sub-conscious journey into the realm of the unreal. If you want something, but in reality, you have to literally "act" towards it! There's no way MDD can give you the future you expected, but only in your own imagination, not in the realistic world. So basically, we all choose to delve into our own unrealistic goals in the fake world. Goals and ambitions real life and time that can only "limit" giving us all, or none if that may be. In reality, it depends on your "drive," undivided attention span, your ability to affect others, and your awakened personality, overall, all the 'power of confidence' you can assert towards you goals. Has anybody ever seen the movie La la land (it means Los Angles)? Mia worked her butt off to reach her goal as an actress. It took her years too. It was a lot of work. Well, it's the same for everything else.

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Comment by Fallen Messenger on July 8, 2017 at 5:44pm
As MDers we naturally have a type of drive, one to perfect our fantasy world. We may not recognize it, but it's our secret life goal. On my daydreams there's this made up religion, and I actually halfway believe into it myself. Sometimes I'll think to myself "Only if I could put that trust and faith into my actual religion" or "only if I could love Jesus as much as I love the Gods of my daydreams" and it shows that I have a drive for my Faith, but it lies on my daydream world. If we could learn to somehow transfer that drive into the real world, we could accomplish amazing and real things.
Comment by MatthewR on July 8, 2017 at 4:36pm

True. At some point, we must have become disconnected from reality, but our minds continued to produce fantasies of an ideal life. Everything else--our bodies, our social lives, our future--got left behind. We're alive in our heads only, and that's not a real life. In fact, it's quite pathetic. I hope we can find a way to reconnect to ourselves and others--to find the drive and confidence to make something instead of always dreaming about it.

P.s. I still haven't seen that movie, but it was really popular here for a while. 

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