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Should I just leave it be or seek therapy or....

Hi everyone, so I am not sure if I have MD, 

    I had some family issues + I was never talkative for the majority of my childhood, so I have always been pretty proud of my imagination b/c it kept me entertained + happy when I needed it the most.  I didn't mind b/c it was my best survival tool. Now, I've moved away from home for school and have lots of really nice people as friends, but daydreams are not helping me. 

   Since I was young, I have this habit of walking + listening to music, whether it be around a table, the living room, or the streets, and I just spend the time fantasizing. When I'm stressed out badly, sometimes my daydreams can give me such a high + then I just crash when it ends. I just get really sad about my reality + end up in a period of sadness- can be several hours or a few days. 

I tend to daydream about: 

  • Telling someone off or do something super awesome, usually as a lawyer or something (it's the strongest, most confident version of myself) 
  • My dream group of friends (this one makes me the saddest when I finally stop daydreaming) I'm so happy with it b/c these people love the same music, are really funny and relaxed, and love adventure. Lately, it's been getting more specific in what they look like. Like a girl with rainbow has become the main character as my best friend. I play out conversations or adventures over and over, and it's great- I laugh + smile all the time. 
    • The only issue is I have real friends. After I daydream, my life is generally okay, but I want to escape so badly from my everyday life. I feel like my imagination is keeping me from appreciating the people around me b/c I want these characters to exist. I have never formed deep friendships, and I think I have a real shot this year as long as I keep in touch with reality, but I keep giving into wishful thinking.

Also, these daydreams help me with creative projects + jobs, so how bad is it if I left it alone? 

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Comment by WhiteWing on March 24, 2019 at 2:52am

You are the creator of your own characters, every response of them are created from you, so this means you have the same creativity to formulate them but not to say it, same with actions, so try to do what would your character do.. in time you would find that you are smarter than your main character. beacause your character deals with fantasy... and you for what is real... what is harder?. If you do nothing can in get dangerous, so fight it. I hope you are in time. srry my english

Comment by Kitt Coltrane on February 17, 2019 at 10:55pm
Yes, you seem to be using maladaptive daydreaming to cope with self esteem issues. This sounds very common. I do the same except I’ve built entire worlds and lived entire lives in correlation with a marriage, a career and strong friendships. I’m entirely normal in appearance and no one knows. I use my imagination for writing and creative endeavors. If you can live a normal life with an occasional daydream, you should be okay. If it starts to intervent and interrupt your life, you may need some help. You will be ok.

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