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Real-life Family joins My World - Alexandrov

Pretty accurate if I say that this is the only family that I made into characters. Plus they don't change its appearance and personalities. Besides I need their perspective to tell their stories for my project novel, but because all of the member already passed away, so all I can do is only looked at the grandson's memoir about them. And some biographies or documentary movies about them. The memoirs are enough to add some stories how this family lived in such a cold place only with their music skill...

A little history, the father - Alexander Alexandrov - was a composer and teacher of choir boys/girls either in cathedral or theater. He is married with Kseniya and had 3 sons. Later here's more about the memoir, he actually married twice and had another son. The reason is still unknown... but after see documentary of Alexandrov's funeral, Kseniya doesn't appear - only the second wife Lyudmila. I assumed Kseniya passed away first before the husband. Dunno if it right or not, but I'll just add the last son as 'strolling kid in dad's office' in my project. Not mention about the mothers since I still not sure about those wives.

From left

Below: Alexander Alexandrov, Boris (1st son), Vladimir (2nd son)

Above: Kseniya (Alexandrov's wife), Olga (Boris' wife), Alexander (3rd son)

And with this, I tried to immerse them into my world with help of their biographies.

My DD not began on the father's childhood. It began when he want to built an ensemble that focus on Orthodox songs. Yep, he is very religious, so do his family. But suddenly he called by government, request him to change into military ensemble with help Danilovich (it's still mysterious who he is, only mentioned that he is a director of theater).  He burst into anger, deny the request. It's kinda odd since many composers are afraid with the government. And he was an Orthodox. But the government not punish him for that behavior, instead they ask him frequently without any threat. They just gave Alexandrov a promise to make his family safe for everything. I imagine that the methods are by letters or he was invited to have random government ball and then the government will ask him again and again. He sure never miss the party because it's rather an obligate than a request... Though he is very annoyed with the request.

I made his firm-personality only lasted for a month. Well, he start to think about military ensemble. And the promise. He must choose to release his previous job at cathedral and join the government, or still hard as stone. Later he choose to release it. The government very pleased and helped him.

What are the government promise to him become true. His family turn into a wealth family, successful sons (all become musician and conductor like the father) and their lives saved 5 times after being threat 'you will go to Gulag' by officer named Mehlis, who being jealous by his special condition. He became best friend of Stalin too, although I choose to not involved this leader into DD. I just imagine Alexandrov likes to enter Kremlin and have chit-chat with officers only to find some inspiration of his musics. After all, he still remember to pray on cathedral and had Christmas at January 7th.

I'm not dare to draw Alexandrov and his wife into my cartoony style, because I still have high respect to old person. I only dare to draw their sons (because in this story, they are still under 35s). By the way, I choose to use same eyes because they are still in same surname. And I differ name of Alexandrov as the father, and Alexander as the son because they have frickin same name.

Too bad biography about Alexandrov's sons aren't complete as the father. Especially the 3rd and 4th son because Alexander killed in WWII, while Yuri never mentioned again except his birth and his attendance to father's funeral. What I can assumed too... Yuri is already passed away too. Because all of interviews always pointed at the grandson of Alexandrov named Evgeny (he is only son of Vladimir). Boris and Vladimir itself only mentioned a little about their life, most of them are career life. So most of their stories are from my DD, and it doesn't include Boris and Vladimir wives. I'm focused on the father and sons. The example of my dd about them are:

1. All of the sons are like to stroll. They want to know how the father compose music and conduct ensemble, despite they already learn it on music school. Sometimes Boris, Vladimir and Alexander just skip their work at other theater only to visit ensemble office which far away from home, strolling every room or hall.  Yuri will always come to ensemble office at holiday, and stayed until evening. The father never complained about this. Luckily the sons aren't the trolling one.

One of the memoir said, Yuri is the only Alexandrov's son that being missed by all. He is a cheerful kid and could blend with members. Well Boris and others could too, but their firm personality made the member have more respect. After Alexandrov's death, Yuri rarely went and choose to focus on his study.

2. All of these young mans inherit the father's firm personality. Alexander also firm, but from all the brothers... he is the softest person xD. He will only said with short sentence, or keep silent. He will show his firmness only when he conduct the ensemble later in 1939.

3. Boris and Vladimir are talkative, and always have debate with the father. Not a hot and anger debate, but you will always see them discuss something with many expressions.

4. The sons will discuss each other about ensemble members. Dmitri cs will mentioned, with story variation.

5. Alexander's funeral. Once I checked on cemetery website, and there's Alexander name alongside the family grave (and yes, it is said that he died on 1942). I'm sure the body was found because he (may) killed not far away from Moscow, and so the body could went home. The funeral went so blue, even Alexandrov can't hold his tears when 3-year-old Yuri question the father when his brother awake and join him play piano again.

6. Alexandrov's funeral. Still debatable if he died in Czech or in Germany because the family only receive the coffin with Alexandrov body inside it. The only definite, he got heart attack inside car few days after concert in Czech. Doctor already forbid him to go Czech, and answered by Alexandrov's anger.

After see the documentary movie about Alexandrov's funeral, I could see all people - composers, families, ensemble member attended. Government only sent representation with tons of flowers. And the final moment when Boris can't hold the tears again, give the last family kiss to the father before carried to cemetery. So yeah, I imagine Dmitri cs went to funeral, some are crying because Alexandrov already considered as their 2nd father, others just silent.

7. Boris had a meeting in Kremlin, thus the government choose him to become the next leader. Vladimir become vice of director. My DD closed when Boris and Vladimir discuss about improve the ensemble quality.

I ever DD how Boris and Vladimir have adventure out of Soviet Union, based on world tour that they held from 1953 until Vladimir's death in 1978 and Boris retired on 1984. And plan to continue the story. After that I choose to only DD, but not poured it as project. There's many reason, one of them are: it will be a very long story, more than the father's story. I'll just kept it for myself, thinking how Boris would spin-off the globe and Vladimir stop them with index finger. The finger points on a country, then they discuss if they should do concert in there or not. If yes, they planned about songs and administration. If not, Vladimir spin-off the globe and Boris stops it again.

That's my DD, story and history about Alexandrov family!

Do you have characters that based on real life, without any change either name/physical/personality? Either it's your relative or other people's family? If yes, is there some story that purely from your DD too?

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