(this  is a rough sketch of Amanda Prophet, one of my most interesting characters.)

When I daydream, some times I make up weird or eccentric people. The girl pictured above, Amanda Prophet, is no exception. Her story begins right when the massive disease hits, (go back to my other posts to learn more) when she loots this empty house for supplies. She stumbles across this room with thousands of drawings depicting the future (this is in fact my real life room) front and center is a massive drawing of a gas/disease killing millions of people with the date in the corner. It matched the exact date of when it happened in her universe. She freaked out, continuing to look through this person's drawings, maps of the area for next 10000 years,notes, and even a depiction of her looting the room. Amanda took all of these drawings and books and stuffed them into her backpack, with the map heading for Queensland (which she didn't knew existed.) 

She basically know has the knowledge of the future in her hands.

You know what she did with that? She thought it would be pretty funny to open a restaurant in every new city before those cities knew about each other. The chain was called: "Prophet's Diner" where she fed food to the poor for free and everyone else at discounted rates. It's weird.

She joined the Guardian Angels, a biker gang that protected Queensland from bandits, helped the needy, and provided settlement houses.

She was loved by all.

On her trip to Asteriskia to build her restaurant, the city was brought under attack by the Hoffman Empire and the Prophet of the city, Kevin the Great was taken out and nailed to a tree. She found him near death and took him down, walking him to the safety of the city. People celebrated her as a hero and a saint and Kevin declared that day as Prophet's Day to be celebrated each year with a massive feast and gift giving. While Kevin was mortally wounded and dying in his hospital, Amanda took care of him. He took a liking to her, asking for marriage, but she refused, declaring that she was a lesbian, and it was not him. Upon hearing the news, the religious people of the city where torn over her sexuality, one faction stating that being gay was a sin, and the other stating that nothing was wrong. the protested, counter-protested, even rioted in the streets, beating each other up about someone's basic human right to their own body. Amanda left the city after establishing her diner and the death of Kevin the Great, to never return again. The church never healed from that division, and there remains two sects that preach totally different doctrines. Though Prophet's day is still celebrated by both.

She returns to Queensland, meeting Parker, who is the nation's best soldier (and defect from the Hoffman Empire, she's killed over 15000 enemy soldiers, won the Medal of Honor, and saved the Queen from assassination). Their friendship quickly turns romantic, and again conservatives throw a fit. But this time it's the conservative led Court of Justice who inquires on Parker's allegiance to the United States, stating that she came from the Hoffman Empire to kill the queen. The trial had no jury and 7 out of the 9 judges already wanted her convicted before the trial even began. One judge, Olivia, a friend of Amanda's and the only female and true incorruptible person in that court, fought with all her heart to save Parker (the penalty for treason and disloyalty to the government was death by the way). The city outside was split on the topic too. On the southside where most o the LGBTQ community lived, they rioted to protest the unfair judgement of Parker, who was an American hero. The more conservative northside rioted and protested against the "homosexual agenda".

Amanda stopped serving court supporters at her diner and the Guardian Angels trashed the judges' cars and apartments. When the verdict was read, condemning Parker to death, the whole city went wild. Then the courtroom doors bursted open and everyone was quiet. The Queen walked in with her guards, she came up to the judges' bench as everyone looked at her in silence. She stared into the eyes of the chief justice and said Parker was to be pardoned of all charges, promoted in the army because she had to deal with this, and said that the court was to be dismantled and replaced with something more democratic. 

There was obviously a mixed reaction from everybody, and when the Chief Justice complained, the Queen moved to arrest him and 5 others on corruption charges. Parker and Amanda kissed, and the world was a better place.

My universe is filled with weird stories; Amanda stumbled upon the knowledge of the future, started a restaurant chain, started her own holiday, inadvertently divided a religion, and reformed America.

It's weird, just like real life.

Anyone else have weird characters?

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Comment by Rachel on March 14, 2015 at 9:49am

This is kinda epic. Great job, Richard. Your future novels will be read by me. 

Comment by Richard Quest on January 7, 2015 at 7:44pm

Yea she is, originally she wasn't supposed to be. I created 2 distinct and powerful female characters that never knew each other, but the story was boring and the plot didn't really move forward. So I decided to twist their lives together by making them gay. 

Your story sounds interesting and very detailed! how many years have you been in the same "day dream"?

Comment by Richard Quest on January 3, 2015 at 3:47pm

Now that's cool! I haven't heard anything like that before.

Comment by The1andonlyAbber on January 3, 2015 at 3:05pm
My main character's younger sister is pretty weird. She's eight years old and smarter than most adults. She wants to be a CEO when she grows up. The REALLY weird/complicated part is that she's also this military genius. She's saved my main character's space empire numerous times, but she also tried to run away from home to start her own empire. Everyone is really nervous and confused because a.) they don't understand why she wants to be a CEO instead of a general, and b.) if she became a general, which side would she be on?

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