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I am a senior but i failed a class

I don’t know how to start this but it was going so well in morning, in my day dream. Now at this point there will be so many grammar. I have 7 novel worthy imagination plus hundreds o movie sequel and prequel in my mind with I as a main character. Honestly I didn’t know Maladaptive daydreaming was a thing until I came across this. For my belief this started when I was in 7th grade exact same time my alcoholic and abusive father came back after 5 year being in London. Before knowing MD was a thing I thought I had a Bipolar which was pretty decent explanations for my highs and lows or Schizophrenia for me being unable to separate reality. However both o them weren’t case because my highs and lows were happening pretty often and it couldn’t just fit the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Then schizophrenia, no girl, I always knew that those fantasies where fake. Well sometimes I thought I did my assignment or sent a message but I did them in my imaginary world and not in real world. After reading many article I had extreme, extreme MD going on for last 3 years with developing MD for 4 years(starting from 7th grade). Who knew my real problem was MD. lately I won’t do my school work or even sleep just to daydream. Sometimes my daydreaming would last for a week with me getting no sleep. At first music was everything for me to daydream but right now I just lost connection with real world when I daydream that I don’t hear the music or where I am going. Because of my extreme fantasizing thing have been pretty stressful cause I can’t do my assignment because all I wanna or doing is to daydream. I don’t have any courage to open up about it with my friends, family, or even therapist that I have therapist of my own in one of my imaginary world. Now I am thinking I had him since I started daydreaming, I suppose. I tried to tell my friend but you know what she said. “I know me too I sometimes day dream during exams for few minutes then I’m like what happened” Are you kidding me few minutes. No baby I daydream for an hours or even days and weeks. Once I start there is no stopping unless I sleep but sometimes, sleeping is not case since MD become some kind of endless supply of caffeine. Right now my school grade lowering as I daydream. They even put me in ZAP( people go there when their grade is lower than 60) but its not gonna work. I don’t even remember what to do after I come home because all I do is Daydream. I dream about success and never work. And reduce triggers, silly I am at a state where almost everything is trigger. I even had a panic attack because of my daydreaming. Crying, laughing hazardously, or getting into depression, or running in middle of night have become almost regular case. I had 3, 4 panic attack thanks to my daydreaming and It was horrible. So horrible. Right i have failed one class and i have 2 exams tommorow but still have not studied yet. I really need to deal with this right now. Help me what should i do? i told my counselor about this but she didn't believed in me at all. Literally you guys might be my only chance.

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Comment by Silver Swan on March 28, 2019 at 5:50pm

It's been a while since I was a teenager, but I wasn't badly affected by my maladaptive daydreaming until I was a full grown adult. I did go to College and earned a degree, but wasn't very unsuccessful in the working world. I jumped in between jobs too often, as everybody I worked with found something awfully strange about me. They kept noticing that I wasn't listening to their words, as if I was busy being off in dreamland. Some of them even overreacted in a way I just don't want to describe. In other words, I found it almost impossible to hide my daydreaming. One time, my mom got around to noticing that I was barely ever "here." I forgot something valuable on our ride to the mall, so she angrily shouted away at me. My dad talked me out of ever driving a vehicle.

As I was pushing my 30's, I realized with a scare that I did have responsibilities in the world. I had to make sure I was financially secure at an extent, so I can finally move out someday. It wasn't easy for me at all. Still to this day, I am tackling to get a better waged position. I am under so much pressure that I can't go back to daydreaming.

Your very young, and you have no clue how it is to survive out there. Having your parents warning you to get ready for the big launch before they retire, especially after you haven't lived on Earth for 20 years, will send shivers up your spine. I'm not trying to be mean. What I'm saying is, that's just life.

I know what it's like to be a teenager who finds himself buried in too many daydreams. I too used to get lousy grades in secondary school. You can only guess why. Sometimes I feel that my behavior in those years has utterly damaged my future. Just take my word for it and get some help.

Comment by Tracy on January 21, 2019 at 3:19am

Hi there. I truly understand what you're going through. I am sorry that I have nothing to say that will help you as i am still trying to figure out how to cope myself. You feel like you're drowning and have no control over your own mind. And it's so irritating, because, it's your mind. Shouldn't you be able to control your own mind? All i can say is, you're not alone. I try to find comfort in that aspect of common humanity; that there are many of us struggling every day. I try to understand that i am not like everyone else and at least in this area, I have to work extra hard just to get anything done. Again, sorry i can't help. But i felt like you deserved a response anyhow. 

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