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Daydreaming actors? Good or bad?

Daydreaming actors? Good or bad.
For also most two years now I have been daydreaming the TV show Supernatural. Since the season finale and summer has picked up, my daydreams are slower.
But recently I have been on an Anthony Head kick since I have rewatched Repo the Genetic Opera. I won't get into it but, yes he is a Vampire Librarian.

I love movies and I love TV shows but with everything I watch I have to daydream it, rather its on commercial or not. I have caught up with supernatural, but I have only seen One season of Buffy, One season of Once, and a couple episodes of Vampire diaries.
I hate not being able to watch the shows that I want to watch.
I want to watch Buffy, but ever since I daydreamed Anthony, I can't seem to watch the show. It's "awkward" in a way.
And no, the daydreams I have him in aren't weird, they're normal (well what anyone would call normal) we talk, fight, and chill out.
Any tips or help. Feel free to comment

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