I can't dance.

Never could. I f*ck up the macarena y'all. I just can't dance. I canNOT twerk; I can't stay on beat. I can body roll and just vibe in place lol, but that's about it.

I also am not great with rights and lefts. Simple addition and subtraction; I'm a calculus tutor. AND operatic soprano- great voice (if I do say so myself); bad at karaoke, like horsesh*t. Maybe one day. My point is, I think I'm like, dyslexic but for beats and cardinal directions. It probably exists, I mean look at this forum (also there's dyslexia for numbers it's called dyscalculia). I guess it's not that I can't dance, but I am genuinely challenged. If I wasn't, then I would dance more.

And it looks so damn fun!

They look how I feel when I dance in my daydreams. Don't get it twisted- I'm gon' learn. Ya girl out here fr fr.

But let me set the scene: it's Jackson, Mississippi. I heard about this place from the DJ there who came by my work yesterday, and I have the day off today. I couldn't drink last night for medical reasons, so I just came in my new Hello Kitty sweater intending to vibe. When It got busier I feel like I stood out, but it was a pretty diverse crowd.One particularly nice guy tried to teach me a couple of the MANY group dances and y'all there are so many and they look really easy. I tried to explain as best I could RIGHT by the speakers "THANK YOU BUT PLEASE STOP TRYING." Lmfao. The friend I asked to come already knew a lot of people there and is a great dancer, so I sat on the stage and watched! I wasn't the only wallflower, there was the same girl next to me the whole time and nobody asked her to dance. I think my friend's friends are just extroverted.

Long story short, I hope y'all find a place like that. This is so cheesy, but don't let ALL of your daydreams stay dreams!! Just like most of them :) Ok love you bye I have emails to send (shoot me)

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Comment by Camoran on December 3, 2022 at 2:43am

I believe intoxication is a significant but often unmentioned factor whenever I hear about how easy it is to "just dance and have fun". I've only had one chance to indulge in club-like activity, but I distinctly remember how stiff and awkward it was at the start, and not just for myself. The more reserved-looking types around me were visibly attempting to just blend in.
And then the drinks started working their magic and soon enough I was too impaired to be concerned about that same stiff awkwardness. It became more of a succession of unrestricted, automatic movements loosely based on the atmosphere I could sense around me. I imagine it works about the same way for many people.

Comment by Valeria Franco on November 22, 2022 at 11:39am

I love dancing! I feel like a different person when I dance, and I always wonder I I don't do it more often (well, I know, I love to dance but I hate crowds, loud music, and going to sleep too late, so.... you know) but what I notice is that people who think they can't dance are so concerned about the technique, while it's all about having fun. Nobody cares if you dance properly tuned with the rhythm. 

Anyway, in a quite silly movie, I found unexpectedly good advice for people who can't dance: ignore the rhythm and dance VERY slowly. Like in an ecstatic state of mind. I want to try it...!

Comment by Elaine on November 18, 2022 at 10:10am

It was also ladies night so free drinks :( only ladies on stage :) and I had a delta THC pen so I wasn't sober just sleepy as a mfer.

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