On Tuesday my kids and I are flying to NY to visit family.  A friend of mine, who used to be my roommate, is going to watch my dogs for me.  Because I've been in my head a lot lately, the house is a mess!  We're cleaning today.  I gave my kids the living room, hallway, and bathroom to do while I take care of the kitchen.  (their ages are 20 and 16 but they never clean unless I nag them)

Eventually, we took a break.  I have like 80% of the kitchen done.  That was over an hour ago, and it was supposed to be a 15 in break.  I know the kids don't mind because it means they're on their computers and not cleaning.  But, I really want to get it done.

So, I'm pulling myself back out of my head to go clean some more.  It's hard.  I just want to daydream.  But, the house needs to be cleaned, even if my friend wasn't coming to housesit.  

Ugh.  At least cleaning doesn't require a lot of concentration so I can be partially in my head.  It's not the same as just laying there and getting lost in my imagination, but it is better for me and the kids.  I used to keep a clean house, so having it be such a mess is really bothering me and helping to keep me on track.  I need to try and be in reality more and not let this happen again.

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Comment by Xyz on August 28, 2021 at 4:14am
I understand that.... experienced it before. I would be cleaning something without need but won't complete my school work which gets due in 3-4 days. i can daydream while cleaning, there was a stage where i couldn't do that but then my amazing mind figured out ways to adapt. But while writting that takes up complete concentration.
Comment by Jessica C on July 10, 2021 at 3:18pm


Comment by Jessica C on July 10, 2021 at 12:30pm

That does make sense, Catten.  I don't want to stop daydreaming fully, but I do want to be able to take care of my life.  I've lived quite a bit and I still have a lot more to do.

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