Effective methods of Controlling MD (subjective)

After several failed attempts to stop my MD, I've come to terms with the fact that I may never be able to get rid of it. In the world today, there is just too much stimulus for me to make a solid attempt at stopping. Especially now that I'm going into a career field wherein I have to sit on a computer most of the day.

I decided to approach it from a different perspective, why don't I try to condition my compulsion into something positive. So, instead of walking around rubbing my hands and daydreaming for hours, I can instead work on my portfolio of projects or something similar.

For me, at least, the only times where I have control is when I'm working on something already and I'm "in the zone". So, when I get an urge to walk around and daydream, instead I immediately open up a project and start working until the burst of energy I get settles down.

I've tried several other methods like: Trying my hand at writing stories, Trying to learn to draw or use a 2d modeling software, fidget spinners, Listening to calming music for very long periods of time. I'm more hopeful for this method since I'm more passionate about coding than the more artistic things. 

Anyone else have a similar way of controlling your MD? 

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Comment by Valeria Franco on December 23, 2020 at 1:55pm

That is interesting! I think methods are very personal, and we should share them, because, one must try many or at least know what options are out there before he/she finds the right ones.

I could never turn them into something useful.

Now my imagination is useful and creative, but it is nothing like it was when I used daydreams as a drug. That, it was just a waste of time, even tiring, as it consumed energies and sleep.

I had to find a sense in my life, to find something to get up every morning for.

Comment by Liz on December 22, 2020 at 12:41am
Wow! Its interesting to hear you mention being "in the zone" I find the same thing happens for me when I'm working on my project (currently learning to use Revit software).

To get other things done, like cleaning the house, I find it useful to listen to an audio book. This enables me take my on an adventure and still be present in reality.

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