Hello, my name is Aline and I'm new here. I live in Brazil, more specifically in São Paulo, but I am translating this comment because I realized that most people here are not Brazilian (but if you have any reading, I would love to meet you).
So, until a month ago I never imagined that what I have, of imagining another reality would be a problem. In my head when I thought about it I thought that everyone had it and just didn't speak, it never bothered me because it always knew how to differentiate my real life from fantasies.
The "character" I created in my head is me, the oldest and most famous. Anything gives me triggers, as I imagine myself famous and successful as a singer and actress, songs and movies give me triggers.
I know I need help to untie this parallel reality from my head, but I am sad to leave myself on the other side ... it seems that I am abandoning people from my life leaving the people I created there.

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Comment by Rosa Fox on December 26, 2020 at 7:15am

Hello there!
If you people feel like it we could make a group only for Brazilians : )

Comment by lari on December 22, 2020 at 8:03am

hi, i am from brazil too i live in alagoas,  my fantasies are a little different from yours but if you want to talk you can talk to me i am new here found this place this week and i want to learn more about something i live with since i was a child and today i am 23 years old

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