Has anyone read or watched this movie: Im thinking about ending things?

Ive watched the movie and I was wondering if the movie was talking about MDD so Ive read the book and YES it was!

So, if you havent watched, watch it or read it now! And then come back so we discuss it!

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Comment by Valeria Franco on December 10, 2020 at 10:57am

Great analysis!

I think "incompleteness" is a feeling that scares me particularly; also the sense of uselessness scares me.

So some movies (as well as all the arts) mirror ourselves and thay give back what's already on us (maybe the guys who gave the interpretation about the multiple personalities had a inner reason to think so, but anyway I agree with you that it's a different thing what Jake experiences. 

Comment by Rosa Fox on December 10, 2020 at 8:43am

Hey there!

Well I guess it was different from most daydreams because the writer wanted to make it scary. I dont know about you but I have never daydreamed about something scary lol besides that the main character is one of Jake's daydreams so everything is pretty scary when u look through her eyes, nothing makes a lot a sense which somehow...makes sense lol.
We also have to take into consideration that he had decided on killking himself so his mind was pretty damaged already and we see everything through one his character's eyes so...yeah...pretty scary.

I liked the movie though it was daunting but in the book you have a clearer picture on what was really going on. The transition between the daydreamed character into Jake's real self was really smooth and well written. Some idiot on youtube said it was about multiple personalities welll, it wasnt. When he mentions "we"and "us"he is referring to his characters which were based on real people.

Jake, the main character, couldnt speak to people so he lived inside his mind imagining a different life, in some parts of the book hes caught by other people while hes staring at the wall. I mean...if that is not MD then I dont know what it is.

Your dream is really scary and I think that you felt like this in the movie because thats exactly what Jake`s life was: incomplete.

Comment by Valeria Franco on December 9, 2020 at 9:35am

I saw it, because someone in the Italian Facebook community said exactly the same thing, that it was about MD.

I confess, I couldn't watch it, I quitted when they stop at the school, in the snow, and I fast forwarded it till the end to see something interesting of what was happening next.

It didn't look much like MD to me, but I was told that everything was a dream of the old school cleaner, so it would make sense. (Still it doesn't look like my MD)

I felt horribly watching it. It left such a bad sensation on me!

It reminded me strongly a frequent night dream that I make, where I must do something and I just can't, because something strange keeps happening and/or the road become longer and longer and I never arrive where I need to be. I wake up very anxious and with the feeling of incompleteness. I felt the same with this movie.

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