I am almost 30 and have had MD for as long as I can remember. Though only about a year or so ago did I even realize there was a name for it. It seems it begins out of some sort of trauma during childhood, coupled with a vivid imagination and then BOOM you wake up one day and you're almost 30 with not a whole lot to show for. People often ask me what I did during this or that particular period of my life and the truth is in most cases I can't remember. That's because most of what I did only existed in my head. In my minds landscape I've had amazing friendships and romances, stood up to bullies, gone on beautiful trips, gotten in shape, been a dancer, a DJ, a chef, the list goes on. In my mind I am this amazing person that I have created. Looking at my actual life it would seem that it scarcely mirrors that of the one in my dream but the truth is with my mind I realize I truly have the power to create it. 

If every single thing on this earth that was created by man began as a thought, (and it did) then people with MD have some  of the most powerful thought machines out there. Think of this for a moment. Everything, the laptop I'm typing on, the clothes I'm wearing, the lasagna I'm going to eat for lunch all of it began as nothing more than an idea in someones mind, that they took the real life steps to bring to reality. I can do the same thing. And I'm finally starting to.

As beautiful and as fun and exciting as my dreams are they belong to me, and I can access them anytime I want. It dawned on me one day that I can live my life in my mind or I can live it in my body, but I can't do both at the same time. So each  moment is a choice. Mind or body. Each. moment. I consciously make this choice. And it isn't easy, but with each moment I get a little stronger and better at controlling it. Having MD is like having a superpower you can't control. If harnessed and controlled correctly I can manifest and create some of the most amazing things, and attract some of the most amazing people into my life, and truth is in many ways I already have.

Have you ever dreamed of something and so badly wanted it in real life, only to look up and realize that you currently have it? It often doesn't look the way we picture it in our heads, but if you can choose body over mind long enough to pay attention, to really be present you'll realize a lot of what you want is already there. There is a sweet playful nature to the universe when it comes to manifestations. They show up in the most subtle of ways and often in plain sight, that if you're looking too hard or seriously you'll miss them. I have brought to life some magical scenarios with my mind, using my super power imagination to first see the thing I wish to bring about, and then making the conscious choice to choose my body over mind and be present moment to moment to simply experience it.

I still have along way to go with my MD but I do my best to use my power for good rather than hurt myself. Practice at anything makes perfect, and I truly believe people with MD can create an extraordinary life for ourselves. We have the one thing that's valuable in any arena and that's imagination. One small step at a time I am transferring my visions from my mind to my body.  It seems impossible at the beginning; bringing dreams to life, but with each step I remind myself that while I'm a relatively small person I can eat an entire X large pizza all on my own.  One slice at a time, bite by bite. Moment to moment, one day at a time. 

I've learned to be patient with myself and always loving. This really is a gift ( if trained with love and good intention) We're all mutants and we don't even know it :) Xx

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Comment by Stephen kimani on November 7, 2020 at 2:21am
Very true i experience it too

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