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Hi everyone! So the semester just ended like two weeks ago for me so I have a few new classes. One of which is gym, Well I didn't know anyone going into my gym class and I've already made friends with all of the girls (there are only six of us girls in total) and then there's one guy who is a freshman (I'm a sophomore) who smiles at me and is nice. Well, just a little background before I get into this daydream I had... this freshman was on my boyfriend's soccer team and so he knows that I have a boyfriend and all. Also recently, my boyfriend and I had a minor argument about whether we should tell each other if we think someone is cute (like not wanting to date them, but as he put it, an observation). Well turns out I pass this freshman kid (name is Ian) a lot in the hallway. Like a lot. Anyways onto the dream, I guess.

"Hey Hannah what's up?"

I finish putting up my ponytail and look up to see who was talking.

"Oh hi Ian."

"Are you going to the basketball game tonight?"

"Umm I wasn't planning on it. Why?"

"Well I mean it'll be one of the better games of the season."

"Hmmm maybe I'll go. I don't know I was planning on just chilling at my house and maybe using my homework free night to reteach myself the ukulele."

"Well it starts at 7 if you decide you wanna go later."

"I'll have to see if Grady or someone will go with me."


Time jump to 6:30

To myself, I mean it wouldn't hurt to go and be social I guess...

I end up going to the game and sitting pretty much by myself, by pretty much I mean by myself but in the student section of the bleachers.

Game ends

I go home

*text from Ian*

"Hey I see you made it tonight, thanks for coming to support the team {insert sunglasses emoji}"

"Yeah no problem, I didn't have anything better to do anyway"

"Just wondering, would Grady be upset if I wanted to hang out with you?"

"I really don't know"


*texts Grady to ask*

"It's fine, just no messing around, got it?"

"Please, you know Ian better than I do but I'm sure we can both agree that he wouldn't do that"

"Yeah you're right"

Back to texting Ian

"He said it would be okay"

"Cool, so when are you free?"

"Basically every day, except I have field hockey on Sundays"

"So this Saturday?"


"Where do you wanna hang out?"

"I don't know. Do you have basketball or something?"

"Yeah a game, but that's only in the morning."

"So how about right after that we just walk to your house since you live closer than I do?"

"Sounds good"

Saturday comes

"Nice game"


"So what should we do for this time?"

"Hmm I don't know, I guess we'll see."


*Walk to Ian's*

"So how are you and Grady?"

"Good I guess, nothing too exciting at the moment"


"What about you? Any girlfriend or anyone?"



*get to Ian's*

"Hannah what do you do for fun?"

"Umm that's a great question."

"Well I mean we can play video games if you're into that"

"Okay but I'm gonna suck just so you know"

*play Mario Kart, I win nearly every round*



"You legit just won like every game"


"And you say you're not good"

"Maybe it's because I have my license so I'm an experienced driver"

"You have your license?" [I have my permit irl btw, also I guess my 9 months were up so I could legally drive people at the time even though this happened during sophomore year *shrug*]

"Yeah hey are you hungry? We can drive to Dunkin' if you want"

"Oh sure I just need to get money"

"No that's not neccesary, I need more points on my Dunkin' app, I'll pay"

"Are you sure because I can definitely p--"

"Yes I will pay"

*walk to my car and head to Dunkin'*

*order stuff*

*head back*

"Thank you"

"You're welcome"

"Wow... *silence* Hey umm I have something to show you"

*brings me to his room*

"This is my guitar, I was kind of hoping I could show you a few chords and stuff, you said you play the ukulele and all sooo"


*he starts playing a song that sounds familiar, then starts singing [idk if he's a good singer irl but in this he was]*

I recognize the song as Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes [so I was listening to music during my daydream and this song started playing and it was all so weird]

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Comment by Dnivog97 on February 6, 2019 at 4:38am
Maybe you should hangout with this guy in real life as well. i think if we try to be who we are in our fantasies we wont hate our real selves that much.

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