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I am a maladaptive daydreamer, like everyone else on this site.  It's something that I've done most of my life that Ii'm consciously aware of.  I'm not sure why but I think that it started partly as something to do and keep me entertained during boring periods during whatever day to day activities but I think in part it's also a 'coping mechanism' for stressful or unpleasant events and I think that it's also down to my natural 'wiring' that I engaged with and as time went on it was silently encouraged within myself for a variety of reasons and became a natural part of my life and self and became my 'happy place', free from outsiders and logic and was where I was totally free to be myself and where I would be in control of events and everything involved.

As I got older the daydreams and fantasies became more entrenched in my personal innerspace and innerself and they became more passionate and filled with wonder and brought greater pleasure as I would live out powerful emotions and mindsets that would otherwise be denied to my in real life or reality.  Also as I got older as I became the legal age to purchase and drink alcohol I found that alcohol would help in engaging in and feeling all the passionate emotions that I'd associate with my daydraming and fantasies and I found that it was a sort of 'mental lubricant' for them.  I don't drink overly excessively and I've never been the one for illicit drugs but I have found that alcohol has played a part in helping further my daydreams and fantasies at the time of drinking, especially when watching a DVD of a movie or TV show that I have vicariously used to stimulate my daydreams and music that I've found also helps with the daydreaming for visualisation whatever I might be daydreaming about at the time.

I have two basic daydream categories that I do to fulfill whatever mental stimulation that I may be in the grips of or needing are:

Passive/chilled daydreams: - Casual daydreams of little passion or of little action where I'm living some idealised and more of a 'real world' fantasy.

Passionate: - High octane and action filled daydreams where my wildest dreams of heroism, occasionally villainy or anti-hero, where I'm fighting in some war or something, whether it may be in a fictionalised but real world type of war or conflict, in outer space where I'm flying a space ship, like in Star Wars or some other sci-fi type of movie/TV show, or on an alien world, or fighting against zombies during an apocalypse, or that I'm a vampire with bloodlust or perhaps some combination of what I've mentioned or all of them and other types of stuff mentioned.

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Comment by Kitt Coltrane on February 17, 2019 at 11:30pm
I can relate to all of this. I have a wonderful life but I just need variety and to escape sometimes from traumatic memories of a hard childhood. I think I’ve built 30 worlds, Catsined ten spaceships, Commanded twenty three armies, tamed three dragons, had many harems of beautiful men, and generally just been a badass. Things I will never get to do in this life. Alcohol makes me experiment with ideologies and music and walking is my way of putting myself into a space of daydreaming that is acceptable as I log my FitBit Steps.
Comment by Enix on December 13, 2018 at 9:26am

I never used alcohol but music is my drug so i can understand you

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