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Hello everyone! So I've decided to share some of my experiences and see if any of you have experienced these as well! I want to post this thinking this might be good information for the future. I know that some of these experiences, we are already experiencing but...

-Most common urge to daydream: Friday night, since I have time away from school and work

I've noticed that free time takes my mind away into daydreaming. 

-Continuation of daydreaming for long sessions

I don't quite remember but I've daydreamed for 2-4 hours per session, constantly repeating even a 2-second scene.

-Intensity as a trigger

In other words, my triggers all share in the common route of emotion. I tend to daydream whenever I feel extremely happy, sad, or angry

Now here are the ones I want to really address. These are my experienced after-effects

-Tired and lazy: With all that mental energy drained, I don't feel motivated to do even a small task like picking up my glasses from the floor

-Poor concentration due to affected subconscious: Whenever I try to read something, whatever I just daydreamed would come up. It's very difficult to direct it away.

-Overthinking: Many things even if they're small.... I tend to overthink...

-Mood swings: One minute I'm happy, one minute later I'm angry 

-Loss of pleasure in other experiences: I don't find playing video games that fun anymore... Daydreaming is the one that towers above all the fun things I can do.

That's it! I'm just wondering to see if you guys have went through the same as I did! Thank you!

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Comment by Valeria on March 12, 2018 at 8:29am

I experience all those things that you mentioned. I was thinking about losing energy after daydreaming some days ago, I thought that maybe it was just me, but I had to study for a very important exam and after daydreaming I felt so tired and sleepy, I couldn't even concentrate, that happens to me very often.

Comment by MARISHA SINGH on March 11, 2018 at 11:09pm

Besides everything that you mentioned,I also experience headaches after long sessions of MD.Same loss of enerygy and same loss of concentration or interest in any other activity and whenever that crippling fatigue torments me ,I decide upon quitting MD,but always end up breaking that pledge.Though meditatiom helps a great deal but even in order to have a fixed routine pf meditation,one jeeds to be conscious everyday. 

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