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Sorry, I just want to express my feeling that had been held since 2 month ago, but oddly it became my motivation later...

I don't understand why I rarely have any compliment about my drawings and arts. Whenever I've finished draw someone (I draw random people when I bored at class) and show it to him/her that nearly 86% same as their face, they just said "No I'm ugly at that drawing. Try again".

Well at first I think it was a critic. So I learned and learned to draw human, since I need to concept my characters in my mind. I consult on my foreign friend, learning the anatomy, and searching the actor/actress for reference :P
but later years... it is not, because they don't mention what was the minus on my drawing, only said "ugly"

And later, when someone draw him/her that way like I draw a human at first, he/she will gave compliment "OMG this is really me! You draw well!!"

And I start to think that my friends taste to realistic art is very low.

Oh and I don't understand another one. Not all my friends are like that, but the rest of 'not all' is worse for me. Whenever I show my drawing (like the one that I used as profile picture), thay will compliment me until angel can reach them.

Buuuuut..... They will ask me to draw them.
Free, without any cost
And if it suit them, they will promote it to anyone

I ask my dad 2 years ago (before his death) about this, and he said "Don't give your art skill freely. You are a human with gifted skill, not a slave artist". So my dad advice me to sell my skill around IDR 10,000 (equals USD 1,00) to test them.

for a little information, that cost was enough to fill my belly for one-two days.

And yes, my friends curse me
"I thought we are friends!"
"You are money mad!"
"That's only a drawing on pencil, why it's so expensive??"

No wonder why artisans now getting poorer... I can feel it...

I always crying (alone, of course) everytime my friends mock about my drawing, yet they gave compliment to another friend who draw only 'triangle-based face'. The only people who compliment me is my parents, my foreign friend who tutor me and my one best friend, with a good critic that makes me want to learn again about draw.

But I just realized it now before I write this an hour ago...
when one of my characters, Dmitri, who was my first human character gave a support to me.

"You remember the quote that we saw on Twitter around a month ago, Alisa? -The more people gave compliment than the critic one, the more you lose your skill-. I think that's right. People gave you critic and mocks since high school, you learned to draw better. And look! Now you can create us as human, not only a triangle face!"

"That's not really helping..."

"Really? Don't you see your friend who draw people in triangle face? Who have been appreciated only by that simple shape and everyone likes her? Ya know, she have done it for a year and nothing changed on her, even the cheek. Because people always gave compliment "This is really me! You draw well!". Yeah, she sank on the temporary heaven, and she thinks that she is the best artisan in her clique."

"Oh. I just realized it"

"So why should bother it? Your dad was right. You aren't a slave, Alisa. You draw what you want. You learn what you need."

So I hug Dmitri (alternative: my pillow) and thank this Leo man before he left back to his apartment to sleep.

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Comment by Fitri Kamelia on October 27, 2014 at 9:06pm

@ashlee sorry for late read and reply x(

hmm I don't talk about art to my friends, because I knew they mostly belong to politics (since we are on International Relation major) and doesn't want to waste their time with art topic. Except they ask about it, of course.

but for 'they don't care', yes I admit it. My mistake for ask about art while discuss about foreign country, I think...

Comment by ashlee on October 6, 2014 at 2:16pm

maybe you talk about art too much and they dont care? 
im not trying to be mean, my friends are the same way. Im a photographer. I get alot of "oh... thats nice...." from people when i show them my photos.
Maybe Put your work on deviant art, where other artists can see your work or something. Friends can only give so many compliments before they run out of things to say

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