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Anyone else

This post is going to sound weird but who is normal here anyways?

(Please warning dont try the below you could end up like me and hurt your kidneys)

So I believe am the only one who has this urge to hold in my pee and fantasize about negative scenarios

I have been doing the above since I believe  the age 12 until I finally leak in my pants. And i also feel pain in kidneys and bladder at times but I still cant help it .I still do that till this age (am almost 17) even… Continue

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Enquirey on maladaptive daydreaming

Do you think maladaptive daydreaming could just be laziness?

How damaging is this disorder?

Do meds really help?

Will seeing a psychologist help or should i only see a psychiatrist?

It is hindering my academic performance badly

I do not want to see a psychologist until i turn into an adult by myself since my mom is narcissistic that is she will use my disorder against me to hurt me.btw i believe she already knows that i am abnormal.

But then at… Continue

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things that i think helped me to curb my daydreamings

1)stopped indulging in fiction books ( which has been my childhood habit) and movies too i suppose

2)And then when i was 13-14 i used to sleep almost the entire day, every day for maybe approx 1 and a half year

 ( i was depressed at that time )

 So I think doing the above did reduce my "desire" for maladaptive daydreaming .

But still i daydream uncontrollably.

So i infer my daydreaming could be a comorbid with some other disorder rather than just being a… Continue

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