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Sometimes I feel like my mum don't deserve me :'(

Another ranty post I'm afraid :(. So my mum gets in with a load of shopping and despite the situation being so predictable I offer to help out with putting the stuff away. I knew I'd just end up getting under my mums feet. She said "yes please that would be lovely" so I help her put some boxes of cereal away and some in the cupboards had little bits left in there. Trying to show a little bit of initiative I start trying to ask my mum whether anyone would eat the last bits of cereal. All of a…


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Not long to go :)

Still feeling a little poorly :( trying to will myself back to good health though as it's my birthday in like 50 minutes :). Kind of wish I had friends to share it with, sadly I am slightly lacking in that aspect of my life right now. I have an amazing family however to share it with :). I think they are taking me out somewhere to relax and down the pub for a couple of drinks then it's back home for a lovely bbq so I hope the weather holds :). xx

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I had the most amazing dream last night :$

Okay, so I see quite a few people getting into daydream relationships and while I have often daydreamed about that ideal girl, I have never really had the urge to make her 'more of a reality' so to speak.

However, last night I had a dream and I met the most amazing girl. It isn't often I have dreams that really stir me up but this one definitely did. I am not quite sure about how the dream really came about, in that some 'pre dream happenings' must have occurred. I found…


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Strange and painful couple of days :(

I've been in a sorry state the last couple of days ><. Went round my brother and his girlfriend's new house. Had a lovely time but it would have been even better if my wisdom teeth weren't causing me excruciating pain :'(. Had to have soup at one point and put up with some horrendous pain for a couple of days. Finally got to the dentist today and it turns out that I have a slight infection that requires antibiotics. Also have to rinse it with a syringe full of medicated solution…


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So my ex (as mentioned in a previous post) texts me telling me I am a user and a player and that she feels sorry for the next girl I'm with, because I changed my relationship status to single and open to the possibility of one day finding someone. She has now seemingly moved on pretty fine. Her surname has now changed to this other guys and its only been a couple of weeks. They are hugging and she looks happy. Looks like she has moved on pretty nicely. 

I do miss her,…


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